Discussion in 'Otocinclus' started by fish_r_friend, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. fish_r_friendWell Known MemberMember

    OK after i find a home for my pleco i want to get some Otto's how many would some of you recamend for a 20 gallon tank i was thinkins about getting 3 would that be enough?
  2. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    I would suggest one more spotted cory and 2 or 3 ottos, but they would probably be your limit. If you can avoid ottos and just buy 1 or 2 more spotted cory's, I think that that would be much better for your tank chemistry

  3. JonWell Known MemberMember

    extra cories wouldnt help the algae problem... cories eat food that falls to the bottom not algae... you would need ottos or amano shrimp or siamese algae eaters or some other things

  4. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    I didnt say that cories would help her algae problem - and she didn't even say that she had an algae problem, lol

    I said a few more cories may be more efficient than adding ottos because the two cories she has would rather be in groups of 3 or more ;)

  5. JonWell Known MemberMember

    well if your buying ottos and you dont have an algae problem then theres a good chance your ottos will starve
  6. MarcWell Known MemberMember

    Umm.. that's usually the purpose of an algae wafer. ::)
  7. JonWell Known MemberMember

    most people like ottos because of their ability to clean your tank... why would you want them if you are just going to feed them wafers and not have them eat off your algae?
  8. MarcWell Known MemberMember

    Because they like the fish? ;D
  9. JonWell Known MemberMember

    tu chay
  10. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    its touche lol ;) :p
  11. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Yes three ottos in a twenty would be fine as long as you keep your water very clean. When you don't have algae they readily eat algae wafers. they are really cute perched on plant leaves or stuck to tthe glass. ;)
  12. fish_r_friendWell Known MemberMember

    it he not she
  13. JonWell Known MemberMember

    do you have an algae problem?
  14. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    AHH sorry buddy !!!

    I was obviously in the heat of the moment, LoL! I knew you were a guy I don't know what I was thinking lol

    Forgive me,?? LoL
  15. fish_r_friendWell Known MemberMember

    yeah but my plec eats all of the algae before i cleen the tank
  16. JonWell Known MemberMember

    but then if your getting rid of your plec you will have an algae problem in which case you would need ottos not cories in which case i was right in the first place muhahahahah... ty lady luck
  17. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    OK maybe so but that still doesnt change the fact that cories are better in groups of three or more so wouldn't it be a better idea to get like one more cory and like 2 ottos?
  18. JonWell Known MemberMember

    possibly but cories can still do very well in 2s... ottos also like small schools so 2 cories 3 ottos would just make happier ottos and visa versa for cories
  19. newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    lol thats happened b4 he not she ;)
  20. EmpPlecoWell Known MemberMember

    hehe i feel dumb, I knew he was a guy and I said she anyway :-\ lol

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