Otos on the zucchini!!

Discussion in 'Otocinclus' started by k9z3boys, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. k9z3boysValued MemberMember

    I am so excited!! yes I am a dork
    the mynock still cant be bothered,... we will see if the bristles notice

    2 otos on the zucchini!!
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2014
  2. Castiel*

    Castiel*Well Known MemberMember

    Oh boy, within the first minute the Zucchini hits the water my BN is on it! Glad to see them enjoying a great treat! It's really beneficial for any fish, and provides them with vitamins and minerals found in fish food they can't get.
  3. OP

    k9z3boysValued MemberMember

    I hope the bristles find it!
    I knew it was good for them, but couldn't remember why. im glad you said

  4. Castiel*

    Castiel*Well Known MemberMember

    Yes, do you also have some driftwood or cholla wood in their tank? Both the pleco and Oto's will benefit from having a good source of fiber in their diet too! Glad to see them getting fresh veggies! I have Pea day for my African Cichlids, and my plecos get zucchini 3 times a week! So I spend lots of time feeding and cleaning up after them!
  5. OP

    k9z3boysValued MemberMember

    the bristles and the mynock ( rubbberlip) have wood. wasn't sure the otos needed it.... I have read yes and I have seen no....
  6. Castiel*

    Castiel*Well Known MemberMember

    Yeah, it defiantly can't hurt the oto's at all, and I do not know if they do need it. I just figured with your plecos they would benefit from it too.
  7. Coradee

    CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    The Oto's will love it, now they realise it's food put it in regularly for them & the plec
  8. OP

    k9z3boysValued MemberMember

    They aren't in the same tank.
    If they eat it, heck yeah I give em more! Think he suggested 3x week?
    I hope the plecos figure it out.
    The rubberlip was nosing it and hittin it- I'll see in the morning if he ate any.
    The bristles may be too young yet... I hope they figure it out, too
    I don't mind getting it for them if they eat it-- I object to buying it to run down the disposal.. Probably why I was so excited to see the otos on it :)
  9. Castiel*

    Castiel*Well Known MemberMember

    Yes, I felt the same way. Some fish develop a taste for fresh veggies, and some fish don't. Hopefully the pleco's find it! I know my littlest BN pleco (Princess Peach) is only about 2.5, maybe 3 inches, and she absoulety loves it, within a minute of the zucchini hitting the water, she's on it!

    I have to add at least 3 slices to each tank, by the time I look at it in the morning there is nothing left but seeds. Just give your fish time to warm up to it, they will eventually like it.

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