Otocinclus - Numbers Vs. Well Fed Question

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by fishrlene, Jun 28, 2019.

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    Hello. Looking for some input. I currently have 2 Otos in my tank and are doing very well. They’ve cleaned up almost all the diatoms in my tank and I have started supplementing vegetables for them. I’m going to try algae wafers soon. If you have a suggested brand that your will Otos eat, I would appreciate it.

    For their overall well being, is it best to get more of them since they’re a schooling fish or leave the 2 and just focus on keeping them healthy? I’m just worried that if I get more, there won’t be enough food and they’ll die. I have a 36G bowfront.

    Looking forward to what you think! TIA!
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    Depending on how well established the tank is (6 months or older) you could gradually add 1 at a time till you get to 4-5 maybe even 6 over the course of the next few months to be sure like you said they have plenty to eat. But seeing their removing the diatoms i think it's safe to say your tank may still be a little young so i'de hold off till after like i said 6 months of tank maturity. Hope this is somewhat helpful. I have 6 in an over 2 year old 55 and they all do well it's also heavily planted so there is always something good for them to munch on.
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    If I'm ever short on algae for my gobies, snails and other algae eaters, I leave a jar of round, smooth stones and water in sunlight. They grow algae and I place one in the tank. When the algae is eaten I put it back in the jar and put another rock in the tank. I've seen some people whose otos wouldn't eat anything artificial but there's plenty that will too. As for the shoal I agree with above.
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    These are great ideas! Thank you!
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    They are aufwuchs eaters and a certain protein food has been known to trigger spawns. Dont just feed them off of fresh veggies and algae. Repashy soilent green or bottom scratcher should be recognizable to them as food pretty easily.