Otocinclus not eating

  1. Gurinski Member Member

    Zebulon, my Otocinclus, is not eating as much as my other fish are, and is hiding behind my filter alot. Could he possibly die or Otocincluses are just picky eaters?
  2. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    Mine never ate.do you have only 1 you should have at least 3 that might be why it's not eating,but it could be because it is eating algae.
  3. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    What are you feeding? Ottos are aufwuch eaters. That means they eat mostly algae and the critters that grow on it. Especially if your tank is newish you need to feed them things like algae wafers, seaweed sheets, vegetables like broccoli and brussel sprouts or products like Soilent Green. They won't thrive soley on flakes.

    Is he the only otto in the tank? That also could be an issue. Ottos need to be kept in groups. They get stressed out othwise.

    Can you tell us more about your tank? It might lead to more suggestions.
  4. dcutl002 Well Known Member Member

    Ottos are best suited in established, planted tanks, and yes they should be kept in groups.
  5. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    What size is your tank I would keep about 6.
  6. Gurinski Member Member

    10 gallon tank
  7. Pikachu13131 Member Member

    What else is in the tank?
  8. Gurinski Member Member

  9. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    You need a bigger tank. Your tetra should be a group of six, as should the white clouds and the ottos. The Siamese algae eater should be in a group too. And then there are guppies and endlers. Yup, you need to upgrade.

    Your otto is likely stressed from being kept in crowded conditions. Make sure he's getting vegetables or algae tablets, and start looking at upgrade options, a 29 gallon would be good, but bigger would be better.