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Ok, so I'm getting closer to getting my otos and I've been reading up on them today. Right now I have a plastic plant in Raspy's tank. Will it hurt the oto if he tries to get the algae off of it? Should I get real plants before getting otos??
I went to some pet stores today and found some Otos but I haven't bought any yet. The ones at Petsmart were REALLY tiny and I would have bought a couple but the service was awful and they had a few too many dead fish in their tanks that I found acceptable.

One other thing about the Otos. Do I need to buy algae wafers too to feed them or will they be fine just eating the algae?
I do not blame you for not buying from a store where there were dead fish in the tanks. I do not think I could have either. The smallness of them should not make a difference though. Mine were barely an inch long when I got them and they are healthy happy little fish. The plastic plant will be fine and they like lots of cover so they will probably take up a home in it. The only way it will be a problem is if it is a stickery one and if that is the case, it shouldn't be around Raspy either.

Yes get the algae wafers or veggie rounds. Just don't start feeding them to the otos right away. They should eat the algae out of the tank first, but they will have that done very soon as they are hungry all the time. When the algae is almost gone, start putting a quarter of a wafer in the tank every night at lights out. (they eat at night) Then when the tank algae is gone step it up to half a wafer a night per 2 otos. They will not have them finished by morning but do not remove it as they graze and it will be eaten with no problem. If you can see that they are just not getting enough or if they are leaving food all the time then you can adjust the amounts to fit the needs of your particular fish.

Good luck and enjoy them. they are very sweet little fish and do a very good job.

Thanks. I cannot wait to get them!! I really do hope that Raspy does well with them. He is a fiesty little guy and I am not sure how he will take to sharing his home.

I just recently got a job working out of the home so I won't be able to spend as much time with them as they are used to but I will just have to make up for it at night! I am going to miss staring at them all day (and vice versa) but I have to earn money to pay the bills, right?

I am still working on figuring out that 10 gallon tank with the divider. I think I've got a solution though that should work. The divider sold at the store was just a screen so I know that wouldn't work well for them. I won't get anything until I'm sure though so as to not disrupt them for something that won't work. As soon as they both have their own filtered space though I will probably get Lilex some "playmates" too. He is more docile so I think he'll do just fine.

I am going to a store tomorrow that specializes in fish and aquariums so hopefully they'll have better fish there. It is the only FISH store in my area. All of the others are either chain pet stores or privately run and their fish quality just isn't that great.

Oh yes, I also had another question. I did find some pond snails today but they were REALLY large. Is there a certain "brand" of pond snail that I should look for? These had to be at least 2 inches in diameter (the shells). I thought that would be kind of large for the tank I have.
Well I have the Mystery Snails and they are the only ones I would recommend especially if you are going to be going into real plants someday. They do not bother the plants and that means a lot. They do get big but the way I understand from my readings is they grow the size of the tank and then stop. So if you are not overfeeding or having uneaten food in the tank and there is not a LOT of algae and other food for them, they will only grow to match the amount of food available. I am fine with mine getting good sized as they don't have much for tank mates.

I just know you are going to love your Otos and do not be alarmed if Raspy does chase them. I do not believe that they will be hurt, just frightened. But one word of caution, when you go to pick out your Otos, be picky and make them give you ones with round little tummies, and white bellies -no hot pink, and no fin damage. If you are going to try to give a few of these little guys good homes, at least start out with the best of the crop. You are going to love them, but do remember that they move around mostly at night and will probably require places to hide to stay out of Raspy's way and get some sleep during the day or he will have them all nervous wrecks keeping them from sleeping.

Ok. I'll keep that in mind about the snails.

Yes, I read the entire website on those little guys and I just can't wait to get them! I think that after Raspy is done chasing them he will love having company in his tank.

Believe it or not I actually found the healthiest looking ones at Walmart last evening. I found that odd for some reason.

Also, I went to the specialty store I spoke of and they had "giant" otocinclus (but didn't have any in stock so I couldn't see them) but said that I could try Flying Fox instead. I've read that those are aggressive fish. Does anyone know anything about them?
Flying foxes are not what you want believe me! Some times flying foxes are advertised as giant otos as they look a lot like them but get to be several inches long. Mine never had teh sweet personality the otos had.
Yeah, that is what I was reading online (that they were aggressive and such). The kid in the store didn't look a day over 12 years old and had to ask another associate almost every question he was asked so I wasn't really wanting to trust him on that. I figured I would come here where people know what they are talking about!

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