Oto death pattern

  1. omnitheforsaken Member Member

    Today I found one of my Oto's dead in the tank. The tank has more than enough algea in it and my Oto's all appear to be healthy and eating well. When I found this Oto this afternoon, it's stomach was huge. This happened to another Oto of mine about 2 months ago. When it happened to the first one I just kind of dismissed it since I know Oto's are sensitive but after this occurence I decided to look into it.

    I found that many people report having their Oto's die with similar circumstances. Those being an aged tank w/ good chemistry and on a sufficient diet w/ no previous signs of distress.

    My tank has been cycled for some time and my reading today were pH 7.6, Alk - 0ppm, Nitrite - 0ppm, and Nitrate - 5ppm. Didn't check hardness.

    I'm wondering if any one has a clue as to what this could be.

    IMO it's belly was huge, too huge. What could that possibly translate into?
  2. Jake the Fish Member Member

    It could be a swim bladder problem. I am not sure though because it has never happened to me.