other fish w/ tiger barbs?

  1. vasqua03 Member Member

    What other tank mates you guys successfully kept tiger barbs with and in what size tank?
  2. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Hahahaha, I am keeping them successfully with several different species. The only species I have a hard time keeping them with is other tiger barbs :) My 55 has tiger barbs, colombian tetras, giant danios, zebra loaches, chanchito cichlids, a clown pleco, and golden wonder killis as temporary guests.

    I've also successfully kept them with serpae tetras and crayfish in a 29. Again, I say successful because they killed each other, not the other fish.

    I've kept them in everything from a 10 to a 55. 29 is as small of a tank that I would attempt to keep them in, and I think a 55 is ideal.
  3. pirahnah3 Fishlore VIP Member

    I have heard that buenos ares tetras do well with them as well.

    Also I see them at work in a 29 (group of 4 I think it is) with a pair of mollies and they could care less about the mollies.
  4. vasqua03 Member Member

    I have four in a 30 gallon I am really pulling my hair out with figuring out compatibility. I really like the rummynose tetras and I have two balloon red eyes in my ten gallon. I don't want to purchase anymore balloons or red eyes for that matter and I can't return them so I think I am going to keep them there for now as I am not sure they would go well in the 30 gallon without a school.

    Added my BN with the barbs and they are doing good but I really want a center piece fish. I keep getting mixed reviews. Nothing with flowing fins, no slow moving fish which rules out a lot of the tetras I like. Only thing I can think of is a cichlid but for this size tank i've been told a convict would be good then I was told too aggressive and that a yellow lab requires different parameters. Sooo...:confused:
  5. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    I would get a female convict.
  6. abc123d30 Well Known Member Member

    I kept Cory cats with my barbs when I had them
  7. slade Member Member

    I have 20 Tiger Barb, 6 Giant Danio, 2 Bristlenose Pleco, 3 Rosy Barb, 2 Emerald Catfish & 6 Black Skirt Tetra together in a planted 55 gallon.

    I don't see much fighting, but they sure do go crazy at feeding time. I'd like to replace the danios with more cory cats. I just gotta find a way to make the barbs leave food at the bottom for them.
  8. Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    Feed smaller foods :)
  9. vasqua03 Member Member

    Thanks so much guys. I just picked up a female convict, she is about the size of my barbs and isn't attacking them per say but will run them off if they come near her. She is a beauty and very confident. I hope it works out!:)
  10. abc123d30 Well Known Member Member

    That's awesome :)
    Good luck and let us know how it works out!
  11. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    Depends on what size your TBs are when you get them. I got the tiny ones from Petco (they weren't even quite an inch long) and put them in a 29gal with a full-grown opaline gourami, four peppered cories and a South American bumblebee catfish. The gourami had those TBs so cowed that they were even scared of the cories...even after they were grown!
  12. vasqua03 Member Member

    well the convict is living up to it's name. It is definitely bold and confident. It hasn't attacked my barbs but it has chased them away when they are too close and flushed them out of their favorite hiding spot. They are now up front at the top, schooling about the same and trying to sleep in the top front corners, there's not much cover up there, wondering what I can do to provide some cover for them. I will continue to keep an eye on them and may have to up their school which was my original intention anyway although I like the tank how it is. Will Odessa barbs work or do I have to stick to albino and green barbs for their school?
  13. abc123d30 Well Known Member Member

    I'm pretty sure odessa barbs won't school with tiger barbs, at least I've never heard of any other barb schooling with tiger barbs besides other tiger barbs. The different color variations of tiger barbs (regular, green, albino) all school together though.

    As for providing cover for them at the top of the tank, you could maybe try getting floating plants or tall plants that reach the top of the tank.
  14. bassbonediva Fishlore VIP Member

    For providing cover, hornwort works great...if you don't mind it taking over the world. Jungle val is another good one that "pools" on the top of the tank and looks awesome. I think it'd looks epic with TBs. I have it in my 55gal and love it.
  15. vasqua03 Member Member

    hey bassbonediva, i'm going to post over in plants about keeping these bad boys as I've never kept live plants, please come over and help me out.

    I think the odessa's aren't going to cut it, unless I hear a really good argument for them, they seem to be too peaceful and like colder water, but i'll keep them in mind if anything. They look stunning and could compare to a juvenile jewel cichlid I saw at the store. Just a thought especially since I can't really put another cichlid in this tank.