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Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by fletch, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. fletch

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    Ok, what options are there for amphibians? Which can you keep fully aquatic with fish? I know about newts and frogs but are there any others?
  2. 0morrokh

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    Frogs & Toads and Salamanders (which include newts) are the only types of amphibians kept as pets (there's one other wild kind). Newts and a few types of frogs/toads are the only fully aquatic amphibians. The only ones you can keep with fish, I think, are those little aquatic frogs you see at fish stores--can't remember what they're called.
  3. OP

    fletchValued MemberMember

    cheers for answering. thats dissapointing though because they were the only amphibians I could come up with too!
  4. 0morrokh

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    Well, there are tons of species you can keep as pets. Just not all of them are fully aquatic. There are a whole bunch of cool non-aquatic frogs.
  5. hydreloy

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    You can try keeping a Terrarium, that has Green Anoles and some tropical fish...lol...a little experiment when I was a kid, I made an amateur terrarium, I had found a Toad, A gardener snake about 7.5 inches, and I put little feeders (guppies) in the water I had in it...I had it for a month and 5 days...The toad died...and I still had the 3 feeders alive and well, and the gardener snake grew about 2 inches...so anyways my point, the gardener snake wouldn't eat the feeders. So it would be a good selection..

    The anoles would be a good selection as well because they hardly go near the water, but I would mix the gardener snake and the anoles because the snake might eat them.
  6. OP

    fletchValued MemberMember

    what is an anole? and wow, a snake that only gets to 2 inches. can you get those in britain?
  7. hydreloy

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    I wish I knew how to put pics on the post here...but I can send you a link>>
    They can change into a brownish colour too>> http://www.regalreptile.com/green_anole_7-21-04.jpg ...and for the gardener snake..I think you missread the concept...lol..sry for laughing..I meant that it grew 2 inches more to the addition of the 7.5 inches prevouis...HE HE :D, but would be cool if there was a 2 inch snake.

    But Im, not sure if they are in Britain...the only way to find out.. is to get some long pants, boots, and a hoodie, then go out in an open field and check under rocks, wood, boards, trees, etc. they have yellow stripes, or red stripes all the way down their bodies.
  8. Cookie Mobsta

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    Actualy African dwarf frogs are fully aqatic. They just need to go up for air and come right back down. If you get these and your tank is over ten gallons put a big piece of driftwood into the middlew of the aqauarium to serve as a stepping stone.
  9. Mike

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    hydreloy - when you are typing in your post, under the text box there is a link that states "Additional Options".  Click that link and an "Attach" text box opens up.  From there, click the browse button to get the photo from your computer.

    Alternatively, you can use the image tags to post an image.  There are two rows of buttons above where you type in your message (above the smiley faces).  The image button is the second button from the left on the second row of buttons.  Put the html link in between the image tags - should look like (img)link goes here(/img).

    Let me know if you need more help,