Oscars with Weird lump - What to do.

Discussion in 'Oscars' started by tboy55, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. tboy55New MemberMember


    I have a pair of 11inch Oscars in a 90 Gal tank. I have had them for a few years.

    But recently one of the Oscars has had a odd lump in pretty much the middle of its body and more on the left side (if its facing you) then the right.

    It looks like he swallowed a ping pong ball or something. and seams to be getting slightly bigger. Been going on for a few weeks now , but in the last week or so I have noticed that its gills are moving about 3 times as much as the other Oscars of the same size.

    Both Oscars eat and act as they always have. Nothing else seams to have changed but the lump and the breathing.

    I am starting to think that he might be in pain and I don't like that idea.

    Any one know what this might be?

  2. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    welcome to fishlore russ!!
    sounds maybe like a tumor?
    what are you water parimeters for ammonia/nitrites/nitrates? if you fill in your aquarium information under my settings, that would help allot ....
    whats their diet like?
    the breathing could be from his ailment or his water parimeters....
    maybe you can get a pic to help us some more?
  3. tboy55New MemberMember

    I have been trying to get a pic but the fish doesn't want to cooperate.
    I don't have a nitrate test kit anymore , had this tank and the current setup for a few years and nothing has really changed.

    I'm thinking it a Tumor or something like that too from what I have found on google.

    I don't think the water parimeters would play much of a factor since the other Oscars is the same size and isn't breathing fast. nor are any of the other fish in the tank.

    I feed them oscars pellets , but also frozen brime cubes once and a while and worms a few months ago. both fish eat the same.

    I"ll keep trying with the picture.
    Thanks for the replay and the welcome
  4. ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    mini cycles can sneak up on us all..even with tanks that are years old..especially with big fish like oscars who have a huge bioload...I had to do every other day water changes with my big kids just to keep the ammonia at bay..but i had them in a 75g...water can always play a factor and ruling it out, is the first step id take....just because a tanks been running a long time, doesnt mean it cant sneak up on us..as well, each fish can tolerate ammonia/nitrites differently....have you tested lately for ammonia/nitrites? what test kit do you have for that? as far as his lump, it sounds like a tumor of some kind the way you are describing it....have u fed them feeder goldfish lately? if you google oscar cichlids with a tumor , you might find a pic similar to yours...there was a bit of information and it all seemed to lead back to feeder fish...I hope he does ok!!!!!!!!!
  5. Bent72Valued MemberMember

    i know this might sound like an odd question but has your oscar pooped lately?
    sometimes oscars can get constipated..if he is you can try peas there suppose to help with constipation the only other thing that comes to mind isn't very good as the two instances such as this didn't end so well..... best of luck to ya

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