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Discussion in 'Oscars' started by Shane001, Jul 16, 2005.

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    Hi i Have two tropical tanks 1 four foot and 1 one foot. i have had the four foot tank a while and have an angel fish two gouramis a dwarf gourami a molly a quite large plec a platy and a small zebra diano, the tank has quite a lot of room as i have had some of the small fish i bought earlier die. iN my one foot tank which i have had a week i have two new oscars(only about an inch each).

    I was wondering if i introduce the oscars earlie to the four foot tank would they still fight with the others. My original plan was to wait for all the fish to die in the four foot before buying oscars but my friend gave me the one foot tank and i thought why not put some oscars in and wait for the ones in the four foot to die, then put the oscars when they have grown, into the four foot and then it'll just be them in. But i have read the Angel fish and Big gouramis live quite a considerable time and was worring the Oscars may out grow the small tank fast.

    So how fast do Oscars Grow? and could i mix them in the four foot tank now?

    Thankyou for reading and i would appreciate any suggestions
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    Eventhough they are only an inch long apiece, the oscars could possibly give your other fish a hard time. They grow about an inch a month, so they will even be outgrowing your 4 foot tank in a very short period of time. If your 4 foot long tank is a 55 gallon, then 1 oscar would be okay in that tank, but that is the very smallest tank size you should put a single oscar in, and even then, it's not the best tank. Most 55's are only 12 inches deep. When your oscar gets to be up to 14 inches long, it will barely be able to turn around in your tank. A 75 is really better for an oscar.

    If you put the oscars in your 4 foot tank, they might be fine with your other fish for awhile or they might not. Each oscar is different. You will also find that oscars even fight amongst themselves, and your two might not get along so well when they get a little bigger. Once they get big enough to put some of your other fish in their mouths, you will probably find your other fish disappearing.

    Waiting for your other fish to die is not really the best way to be if you are a serious fishkeeper. Angels can live a long time. Oscars are known to live 10 years plus. When you buy fish, you should be ready to care for them for their normal life expectancy. You will enjoy them a lot more that way because you have done your research and you really want that type of fish. I have 2 oscars I have had for 2 years, and as they continue to grow, they are just as exciting as when they were babies. They recognize me as their feeder, and act differently to me than anyone else. You can teach them tricks, and I just generally like their personalities. Oscars are a great fish, but they deserve to be in an appropriate size tank, and cared for properly for their long lives. If you won't be able to get at least a 100 gal. tank for the both of them to live out their lives, it would be better for you and the fish to take them back to the lfs and get much smaller fish to fit in your smaller tanks. There are many interesting cichlids to choose from. We have all been in the same boat as you. This hobby is so exciting, and the variety of fish to choose from is overwhelming. In the long run, you will be much happier with the smaller fish, then you would be with 2 oscars that die a premature death because they are too big for their tank. The myth about fish growing to the size of the tank is not true. They continue to grow on the inside and die when their organs get too big for their bodies. I don't post this to be mean, but to keep you from making a mistake. Keep asking questions and do as much research as you can before buying future fish. That way, you will continue to love the hobby and stay in it. ;)
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    just an interesting fact that oscars can grow 1''a month! incredible hey, very fast!!!
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    When I first got an oscar I didn't really know what I was buying...
    One day I saw it come up behind a small freshwater shark and bite literally in half! It ate the tail half and then circled around and gulped down the front half before it hit the bottom of the tank. I learned the hard way that an oscar will eat ANYTHING it can swallow!!!
  5. JasmynJade

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    Gunnie, what kind of tricks?
    And do Oscars have teeth????
    Do Cichilds have teeth??

    Thanks in advance!
  6. Old Sloppy

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    Oscars have "teeth" but they are extremely small, I think of them more like "hard gums".
    The maximum damage is exactly like a "cat scratch", but this is rare indeed.
    Average damage is "zero".
    This is what you can expect to happen, Zero..
    Oscars can be trained to "jump" for their food.
    Mine will come 3/4 out of the water and take their food from your hand.
    Yes, I bring a small towel to dry myself off afterward.
    They also will watch TV. (no training needed)

    Harry S.
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  8. darkwolf29a

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    I have an Oscar, Odysseus (Ody for short..I have troble spelling his long name). I got him a week ago tomorrow, from WalMart. I had a clue what I was getting in to, but I really didn't know all the details of how big they get. I put him in a 55 gallon tank, for now. once I move in a year, I'll be getting a bigger tank anyways, so he'll become the first resident. :) But, he'll have to share the tank, at that point, since it'll be a 125. LOL

    But, since I have been reading on Oscars, he exhibits the coolest behaviors. Whenever I get near the tank, he gets excited. I just got him some peletized Oscar food, but I have been feeding him flaked food all week, and he eats it right out of my hand, flakes or pellets.

    If I put my hand in the tank with nothing in it, he just kind of moves around it, like he's waiting for me to touch him.

    I have, actually, touched him now. The first time last night, he was getting his dinner and brushed up against my hand to get there...it so cool. :)

    IMO, if you can get a big enough tank, minimum 55 gallon (US), I would say do it. I know you can't keep more than one. But, honestly, if all of them are half as sweet and cool as Ody is...you'll want a few more. But, from the Oscar book I'm reading now, they don't get as personable with more than one, so I don't think I'll ever breed them.
  9. Old Sloppy

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    The two Oscars I have now, the smaller one is 8 inches & the larger one is 9 inches.

    I feed mostly "Hakari Gold" pellets with a bimonthly bag of goldfish.

    However I am going to make the goldfish a weekly event from now on.

    I haven't been spending enough time with them lately, and finding this forum has helped rekindle my passion for my pets.

    I do recomend starting with a very small Oscar and letting him/her grow up with you.
    It is just easier to bond that way.
    for the same reasons as a dog, you never know how the previous owner cared for them/treated them.
    Larger Oscars raised by someone else may miss their previous owner and may be distant and cold toward you.

    Agressive ?
    Not if they feel safe around you.
    They will feel more secure if you are gentle and not afraid of them.
    If you get all nervous around them, they will respond in kind.
    Oscars are certianly nothing to be afraid of, they are just normal fish..

    Harry S.
  10. darkwolf29a

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    The first day I was feeding Ody, he bit me...trying to get at the food. No harm, no foul..but it did startle me. Honestly, he's very careful about how he takes his food now, and is very gentle towards me. I make it a point to hand feed him and put my hands in the tank, so he won't freaked out by them. Honestly, he allows me to pet him sometimes. I'm very surprised, amused, and delighted by him. I didn't expect him to be lap fish, but that's what I got.

    If you put them in a calm tank and attempt to interact with them, they'll follow suit and you'll soon have a pet rather than just another fish. :D