Oscar Welcomes Parrot

  1. Billsone

    Billsone New Member Member

    Got a new new tank mate for oscar.. welcome parrot 039ae3dc39aedfab22a58183ec16a10d.jpg 7c80420172837f0c1af5df7fa2c57c4b.jpg dd987db1abb05977750dcf31cb3bb2e8.jpg
  2. Coradee

    Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    Very nice, love the last shot :)
  3. J

    Josh Summers Valued Member Member

    Hopefully everything goes good. First week everyone is usually buddy buddy. After that it sometimes gets a little crazy. My Oscar and jack were best friends for about 2 weeks then the jack went aggressive but now that the Oscar had grown bigger then the jack they have calmed down alot. Still push each other a bit but not as much. Keep an eye for torn fins or injury. Oscars are clumsy swimmers and swim into thing when scared. And have alot of fragile soft fins
  4. OP

    Billsone New Member Member

    Yes they both were fighting a lot.
    But i think now they have marked their territory.
    Oscar on left side of tank and parrot on right side.
    However parrot is busy in digging the stones.
    Dont know why she's doing that.
    eb33e29214c1e2d10f3725bf6ec49a5c.jpg 81ba9e55851aa42a6fbb96fb060c1b14.jpg