Oscar Tank,white Fluffy Hair Like Thing

  1. Billsone

    Billsone New Member Member

    In my previous post also i had shared this pic of white fluffy hair like or thread type of floating thing.
    Most of the people told me that this is due to bioload. Or this is white algae caused due to bioload.

    So now i had changed the water. Also i had cleaned the stones and tank. Again within 2 days i can see these thread like white object floating in my tank.

    I had also searched about it on google.
    Where i read that this ia a type of harmone oscar release to show their territory or something like that to show hold on its territory .

    Is this true.

    Do oscars really release these type of things.

    I had a parrot and a pleco along with oscar
    30cea740a23a94ed515ba581129dbf28.jpg 2c309264cb2940bcd7cbc57f74403c6b.jpg aa35ada50ae2d5366ca8e0ff621b2d83.jpg .
    But these white threads always sticks to oscar's fins.

    What you guys think?
  2. Rivermonster

    Rivermonster Valued Member Member

    Is it floating on the surface or attached to the glass? Looks like snail eggs to me
  3. OP

    Billsone New Member Member

    They float everywhere in tank.
    I dont have snail