Oscar Tank Advice!

  1. Livinginafoxglove Initiate Member

    So im looking to get a larger tank for my albino and tiger oscars (between 55 to 75) and i was wanting advice on how to decorate, what substrate would be best, plants, ect. Any little bit will be appreciated!

    This tank will be for them only with the exception of some sort of bottom feeder or plec.
  2. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    How many Oscars are you going to put in it and what kind of Pleco? A 55 is not going to be big enough for even one Oscar to reach its full potential.
  3. Livinginafoxglove Initiate Member

    2 oscars that i rescued a month ago, i havnt bought the tank yet, i have 2 possible 75 gals and a 55 that im looking at but might go larger if i csn find something in my price range. If i do a plec ill probably be moving my plec that i have now (not sure what kind but its one of the very common ones that gets large).
  4. Stanley C. Member Member

    If you want to keep two Oscars, either keep them in separate 75 gallons, or a 125 for both of them in the same tank.
  5. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I agree, a 125 is probably the bare minimum that I'd look for with a couple of Oscars and a common Pleco. The Pleco especially can reach 2 feet in length and is extremely messy!
  6. Livinginafoxglove Initiate Member

    I think i might just keep my eye out for one! I want these to be able to reach there max and be happy.

    Otherwise from the tank, do you have any other suggestions for the decoration/plants and/or supplies to use?
  7. Livinginafoxglove Initiate Member

    I may end up selling my plec to my lfs and try to possibly see if they have any smaller species. But besides the tank, do you have any other suggestions decor/plant wise? I want these to be able to max out and be fat and happy!
  8. Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Make sure it's big stuff and robust. Driftwood and rock without rough edges or sharp points are ok. Live plants they will almost certainly destroy. I don't have any personal experience with Oscars myself though. I just know what big fish can do when they move around in too small a space ;)