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  1. Swifterz

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    can you put two oscars (one black, one albino) in a 55 if nothing else is in there with them? purchase size would be about 4 or 5" but i know they grow very quickly.

    if not, could i get one and keep giant danios, tiger barbs or a pair of firemouth cichlids with it?

    my TB's are all close to 3", and my giant danios are all around 4". the firemouths are around 4" as well.

    i know with oscars it's a guessing game because they all behave differently. i wonder if the oscar could even catch the barbs or danios, and since they are all full grown he would have to be pretty big to swallow them.
  2. harpua2002

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    I would suggest a minimum of 75 gallons for one adult oscar, but larger would be even better. I've seen oscars that are longer than the width of a 55 gallon tank and I like to see fish in tanks that they can at least turn around comfortably in.
  3. Chris123

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    I would say no. Oscars would not be a good tank mate for any of those fish. If want and oscar iwould say that you need at least a 55g for one with nothing else in it.

  4. OP

    SwifterzValued MemberMember

    thanks guys. i do really want one, but probably not if it means getting rid of all of my current fish.
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  5. OP

    SwifterzValued MemberMember

    ok i really like convicts too, but i know they are aggressive. how would this be for final stocking?

    2 convict cichlids
    2 firemouth cichlids
    6 tiger barbs
    4 giant danios
    1 rainbow shark
  6. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbabyFishlore LegendMember

    Your convicts would attack your barbs and your giant danios. They're a highly aggressive fish:;swdad.
  7. Treefork

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    And Giant Danios and Tiger Barbs are fast for their size but a full grown oscar is a pretty powerful fish and could probably corner and vacuum suck them right in.