Oscar In 6.0ph?

  1. J

    Josh Summers Valued Member Member

    Currently i have my Oscar in a 75 gallon he's about 6inches. Really starting to become a pig. So I do water changes once or twice a week. The problem is. I live on a very secluded area. I have natural spring water that comes right out if the ground. It's gravity fed into my house. I've used it for all my fish for years. But the problem is the PH is about 6.0-6.5. It's natural water so no chlorine or ammonia. But right now I add PH up or sechems PH balance to keep it at about 7.4ish. But when I do a water change it goes down. My question is can my Oscar be okay in that low of ph of my house water. My local fish store stopped supplying PH up so I switched to sechems PH balance and now their stopping that. And it's expensive to keep buying so much. If i gradually change my PH to what comes out of the tap will he be alright? And I won't have to add PH conditioners and worry about a fluctuation in the PH it would be much more stable when doing water changes and everything
  2. FishFish221

    FishFish221 Well Known Member Member

    Oscars come from an area where the PH is not really high, so 6.0-6.5 should be okay.
  3. OP

    Josh Summers Valued Member Member

    Okay I'll slowly stop adding PH chemicals to my water changes. I'll do it slow like over a month time. I've always kept it high cause everyone always told me to