Oscar In 30 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish and Invertebrates' started by Bailey Oswald, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. Bailey OswaldWell Known MemberMember

    So, I went to my uncle's yesterday and asked to see his Oscar fish (he's had several Oscars over the years in his room). I go up to what I believe is a 30 gallon tank, where an Oscar is just sitting in one corner. After a while, he started swimming along the back kind of frantically. The substrate is gravel, with decent sized rocks covering the gravel. A couple small decorations and a big one. The tank is filtered and heated.
    The oscar, upon closer inspection, had some scales missing (I'm assuming from trying to burrow through those rocks).
    He has an empty tank and stand that looks to be about 50 gallons in his garage that needs cleaned out. Here's what I texted him yesterday:
    "Your Oscar is cute. He looked like he might be missing some scales, though. Oscars burrow so he may have scraped them off on the rocks or gravel (I did research on Oscars a while back bc I wanted one). He may appreciate a sand substrate instead of gravel and rocks (play sand or pool sand works and is cheaper than aquarium sand).
    Also, the minimum tank size for Oscars is 55 gallons. I think yours would appreciate being moved to the tank in your garage. It looks like a 50 gallon, but itll work as a permanent home for yours. I wouldn't mind coming out and helping clean out that bigger tank.
    Simple decor would work for him. Since he burrows, he would upset a complicated aquascape. Just a sand substrate and some driftwood (one large piece laid down would work). I also have a large fake plant that you could have that is connected to a weight so even if he does move it around it's easy to just drop back where you want it. He would really appreciate a bigger tank, and may liven up a little bit. I don't know how much he'll grow, though, as he may be stunted (not grow full-size) from being in the smaller tank."

    I also took some bad pictures because the lighting wasn't the best. It was a very cute oscar. d23d392276d4807c196535aae33a9c24.jpg20d06b9e26f60a40da97c69f6b844dce.jpg9b38eac442b86209530bcee388062aaa.jpg

  2. Simply FishValued MemberMember

    Poor oscar. Way to go for advocating a new home for him!:emoji_fish:

  3. NavigatorBlackFishlore VIPMember

    He is a very young Oscar. A 30 won't work for long, but it seems fine short term. If the maintenance is decent, he is nowhere near a stunting size yet.

    I would never buy a fish unless I had a home for it as an adult, and that tank won't work for long. Neither will a 55, although many will disagree with me.

    The sudden activity could be begging for food.

    I don't know. I see what you are trying to do. I don't think there is a problem with your Uncle's set up yet. It won't be good for long, but maybe he has that planned. I'm not a great believer in big single fish in small tanks, and I have never owned a tank big enough for a few Oscars. My biggest is only a 120.
  4. Bailey OswaldWell Known MemberMember

    Yeah, I agree that a 55 isn't big enough for an Oscar.
    The Oscar is at least a few months old. Probably still young, yes, and not at stunting age (said that because I want to stress to my uncle that the fish does need to be moved eventually for its health). But also my uncle does not plan on moving it. He's kept several Oscars in there over the years (they die off). He follows the inch-per-gallon rule. That tank used to house several fish, then some geckos, all with Oscars in the tank in his room.
  5. KaderTheAntWell Known MemberMember

    Gosh darn that stupid rule! Who even came up with that?!

    Tell your uncle that the reason his fish maybe dying off is because they're in the small tank. And yes, the BARE minimum is a 55g (though I'd never keep one in there) maybe you should show him some fish that would work in there if he moved the oscar to the 50?
  6. Jayd976Well Known MemberMember

    I had an Oscar in a 90 and I felt that was even a little small. I'd say and I think most would agree the absolute minimum is a 75 gallon but bigger would definitely be better.
  7. Bailey OswaldWell Known MemberMember

    Yes, I agree that 55 isn't big enough. However, my uncle has a 50 gallon on hand and I doubt he will want to buy a whole new tank.
    That's what I was planning on doing, showing him some fish that would work in the 30. And if he doesn't want it after he moves the Oscar (if he does :l) maybe I'll buy the tank off him.
  8. Bailey OswaldWell Known MemberMember

    I just found out the Oscar has been in there 3 years. I don't think he plans on moving it, though.
  9. Jayd976Well Known MemberMember

    Wow then the poor fish is severely stunted if it's that size and 3yrs old. Poor thing.... :emoji_angry:
  10. JesseMoreira06Well Known MemberMember

    IMO the very bare minimum is a 125g to house an Oscar , they are super active fish rhat get big and will destroy tanks if their are to small(deco, substrates ect..), and obviously to small equals stunt growth.
  11. Bailey OswaldWell Known MemberMember

    He told me his Oscar loves his home in the smaller tank. He did clean out the 50 gallon, but he didn't sound like he's moving the fish. Apparently I didn't persuade him. :l

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