Oscar has cloudiness to eye.

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    I recently bought an oscar from a LFS ,and when I put it in my fish tank I realized that he had some ich on the left side of his head. So I got some of the API ich treatment and raised the temp in my tank to about 80-83 degrees. 5 days later the ich was gone but now the oscar has a white dot on both of his eyes and they are slowly growing and turning the eye cloudy. So i was wondering what is happening and how can i treat it.
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    I found this site, maybe it will help:  
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    My suggestion depending on tank,

    API General Cure,
    API Erythromycin,
    Aquarium Solutions (Hikari) Ich X

    Use all 3, simultaneously after a waterchange, and let it stand for a week, no salt, no raised heat. Feed regularily. Waterchange after a week.

    I would not suggest a hospital tank depending on how long your oscar has been in your tank, parasites can spread quickly. Also, heat is used to quicken the cycle of Ich, and after the ich dies it falls off, this will cause wounds on your fish, and make it susceptible to other infections, I wouldnt suggest heat. (Vac your substrate really good be/f meds)

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