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i have an Oscar(albino) that has that ping pong look to it as though it may have swallowed one .i had stated her on meds on fri may4th,2007 on (MARACYN-TWO) for the so called septicemia.(or ulcer) and i am getting ready to hit on my fifth day, and i have saw no signs as to wheather or not he/she is getting better .It does state on the box after 5 days i can reapeat again for another 5 days only once more,now the weird thing is that he/she never had trouble eating no signs of dropsy,and is in the tank with a male/female that is also the same age which is 3 yrs old and a pleco the same age in a 55 gallon tank nothing special in there just their rocks 2 airstones and a log for the pleco .My husband noticed that she had this big bump on Thursday may3rd..This is stumping me something weird i had read all types of forums but no real specific answers,i will say that i have read alot about them getting sick ,and wish that someone had more knowledge on this awesome fish ,for the stores that sell them have no clue about them . so if anyknows that wouldn't suggest to put it to death (i read that on a forum) could you please tell me ..They are very well liked and would love to keep them happy and healthy..by the way the Ph is about 6 and i am not sure about the rest because ii currently have antibotice in the tank ...thanks so much


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Have you tried this page: ? There are a number of diseases that could include bloating/body swelling as symptoms and perhaps the chart will help you match any other symptoms and be certain of what she has, but i am pretty sure it's not septicemia or an ulcer.

what other symptoms, if any, does she exhibit?
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