Oscar Eggs

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by SuzanaBanana, Apr 22, 2018.

  1. SuzanaBanana

    SuzanaBananaValued MemberMember

    We have fertilized oscar eggs Image1524424726.669703.jpg
  2. _IceFyre_

    _IceFyre_Well Known MemberMember

    Cool! Are you planning to try to raise them?
  3. Fanatic

    FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    Amazing! That's a ton of eggs on that rock!
    First, I couldn't tell if the eggs were the reflection from the tacks on that chair in the background, took me a second to realize.

    Congrats nonetheless!
  4. Dawn Michele

    Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

  5. Mazeus

    MazeusWell Known MemberMember

    Cool! Congrats. That's a lot of eggs.
  6. Mom2some

    Mom2someWell Known MemberMember

    Wow - those are some big oscars! How exciting! What are your plans?
  7. Iridium_2256

    Iridium_2256Valued MemberMember

    Thats cool! any plans with them?
  8. OP

    SuzanaBananaValued MemberMember

    Eggs didnt work out and they still have not spawned since then
  9. OP

    SuzanaBananaValued MemberMember

    I think its becuase we also have a bichir in the tank with them. So when the cichlids in our 210 are a little bigger, we’re gunna move the bichir so they have the tank to themselves