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Discussion in 'Oscars' started by Robes, Jun 28, 2019.

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    So my little oscar (creatively named oscar) has been here for a few months now and growing like crazy, hes up to about 4 inches or so now and im starting to put some more thought into what i feed him. I don't have a schedule of certain foods on certain days, its just whatever i happen to feel like grabbing that day, currently that consists of:

    Omega one color pellets
    Omega one dried bloodworms
    Omega one frozen bloodworms (whole cube straight out of freezer)
    Omega one frozen brineshrimp (whole cube straight out of freezer)
    Thawed peas
    Small piece of apple/cucumber/grapes whatever i happen to be having that day
    Occasional worm if i happen to be doing something in the yard and see one or go fishing that day ill save a few (he loves these and comes out of the water to get them)

    I've also seen him picking at the roots of a sweet potato i have growing in the tank to help keep nitrates down.

    Would that be considered enough variety or should i mix in something else? Am i missing any staple nutrient that hes going to need or would do better with or some other "treat" type food that your oscar just loves?

    I do understand sticking to just pellets forever would keep him fine for the rest of his life, but i want him to be as healthy as possible^^
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    That's probably sufficient. Although extra variety never hurt anyone :)!
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    Oscars don’t eat veg. When they do it’s just because they’re very hungry. I usually feed them one or two dried/pellet foods, and the rest is meaty stuff like shrimp, pieces of whitefish, worms and insects... as well as any meaty frozen foods, when they’re small. In nature they eat a lot of insects.