Oscar Cichlid Growth

Hello, I’m new to the forum.
For the past couple of years, my parents have kept two adult Oscar Cichlids in a roughly 70 gallon tank (which I believe is too small) and one of the fish has a tumor-like growth on its rear right side.



It has had the growth since they first received the fish, however, recently it has increased in size and has developed new air or fluid filled sacs on a portion of the growth. The fish has shown no unusual behavior, other than occasionally lightly vibrating its dorsal and tail fins.
What could this growth be, and is there anything that could treat it? I’m not sure of their current treatment/maintenance plan for the tank, so I would appreciate any advice. Thanks
That is definitely for an aquatic vet on this one, i thought a tumor at first but the fluid fill sack as thrown me, he looks to be quite old and a beautiful oscar

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