Ornate Bichir Beginner

Discussion in 'Oddball Fish' started by Ilikefishes, Apr 9, 2018.

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    Hi, I love fish keeping and have just recently purchased a 55 gallon tank and am very interested in a bgk and an ornate bichir. I want them to be happy and have done all the research I can now I want to hear from the experts! II wil be buying them young and raising them together does anyone have any advice for me before I purchase these beautiful fish
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    Provide alot of hiding spaces and bichirs are nocturnal so you won't see it much. The ghost knives are also pretty shy so it will need some hiding spaces

    also ghost knives are very sensitive fishes so make sure you cycle the tank properly and by cycle i don't mean letting the tank sit for some days
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  3. IlikefishesNew MemberMember

    I plan on doing at least a 33% water change every week. I work all day and am only home at night that was a key thing I liked about both of them "being active at night when I'll be home"