Original Form Angel- Died


Got no idea why, how but about a week ago my younger angel which Id had for about 4-5months died. Just found him dead, completely white, picked at etc. Still don't know what happened, everyone else healthy and so was he. No bullying from other fish as I could tell. Really **** me off, may have to find a larger one, if it was due to some fish. But it seems unlikely.


As I recall I don't think angels and pictus's go well to begin with and if they angels didn't form a pair they could have been bulling each a lot when your not looking, mine seem to do it even as a pair a lot at night with lights out.

under suggested tank mates, does that happen at all because I'v always liked pictus but don't have room and I don't think it would have enough room to swim in my tank but I'm curious if you find that happen at all?


I'm sorry about your angel . Are you sure it wasn't bullied by other fish?


sorry to hear about you angel. I have had mysterious deaths myself it isn't fun...

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