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Sorry, I think I've asked this before, but what is a good place to get plants online?

Only problem is my parents don't want me giving personal information to people online...which I suppose would be necessary if I got plants from off-ice...so I will have to find a company or somethin that sells plants.
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As a parent I can totally understand your parents concerns. The only place I have ordered plants is from off-ice and from aquabid so you would have the same problem there. You might try aquarium plants they are one of the advertisers onplant geek. I've heard good things about them.
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I believe this is also a good aquarium plants online store:
Read the section "About Us" there. Judging by their statements, they seem like a credible and good aquarium plants store.
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The only bad thing about going to a company online for live items is BE SURE to check out the shipping charges and whether or not they have a minimum order. I tried to order from and found that they wouldn't take orders for less than $30.00 and there was a $30.00 shipping charge. It was not clearly mentioned in the literature, so be sure to ask up front.

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Thanks everyone!
I'm assuming Cryptocoryne undulata and C. undulatas are the same plant, do you guys think so?

*note to self, ignore: Crypts and JF at aquarium plants
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Only problem is my parents don't want me giving personal information to people online...which I suppose would be necessary if I got plants from off-ice...so I will have to find a company or somethin that sells plants.

I take it you've seen his many tattoos and piercings! I understand your parent's concern. I have bought stuff from off-ice since getting into this hobby, and recommend him highly. You could always order from him and have the box sent to a friend's address. I just hate to see you pay high prices for plants and on shipping when his plants are so much cheaper, prettier, and the shipping is exactly what it costs him to mail it.
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Well, I'll see what I can do. I don't think my parents will let me though. I trust you guys but my parents have this mindset of bad people being on the internet...*sigh*

Anyone know where you can get that Anacharis stuff? I can buy Java Fern at a store and they have the Crypts I want at that aquariumplants site, but I can't find Anacharis anywhere. ???

Oh never mind I found Anacharis...I hadn't thought to look under "bunched plants"...doh.....

*another note to self, ignore: Anacharis at aquarium plants and JM

Butterfly, this aquariumplants site looks great and actually has all the plants I need! Do you happen to know what they charge for shipping if you have ordered there before? (the aquariumgarden site was awesome too, but didn't have all the plants I want)
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I haven't personally ordered from them. But I played around with the site some and then called them. what you have to do is put your stuff in the shopping cart, then when your ready to checkout it will as for your information. All I put in was state and zipcode then pushed the "calculate shipping" button and it gave me choices. They seemed really reasonable. Hope that helps.

0morrokh go over to , go to the forums and scroll down to sponsors aquariumplants is there check out some of the questions that have been asked, and ask some of your own the fella that answers the questions is the general manager for aquariumplants.
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Ok, thanks!
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If you wait a day or two I can probably find a good site from some friends, also I know how you feel because my parents won't let me give my address out, you can ask Gunnie that, try and find a person who has a PO box and ask if you can have it sent their then off-ice can send you plants, or get one, it's 20$ for 6 months for the smallest one and if the item is two big they hold it at the desk for you, I might get one this summer so I can get different plants from people.


P.S. Sorry for the late exchange Gunnie.

I just asked for you, waiting for a response, should be able to get you one tomorrow night after I'm done paintballing.

Here's some that some people recommended: aquabotanic or freshwateraquariumplants
petsolutions (my friend orders lots from this site and has no complaints, they don't seem to have a lot of live plants though, but a few. The rest I don't know about, I haven't checked them out either, there just from other people who has used them.

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I have a correction to the above information about liveaquaria. The $30.00 shipping charge is for fish and invertebrates and reef plants. Freshwater plants are shipped for only $11.95.

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Has anyone ever ordered plants online? I can't seem to find Java Moss here in Chicago.

How does it ship? Does it usually live through the trip? Any suggested sites?
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aquariumplants.com has a great selection enjoy!
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aquariumplants.com has a great selection enjoy!

Okay, thanks. Do you know if it's even worth ordering online. I read some reviews that weren't too good. Like that the plants die in the mail.
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LiveAquariaalso sells plants, my friend ordered from them and they were good.
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I wouldn't worry about java moss. The stuff is impossible to kill!

Get it shipped from a good place and you'll be fine.
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Once you have 50 posts, you can look in the B/S/T (buy sell trade) section of the forum. Many fishlore members sell plants there. I think the main thing about shipping plants would be the weather. If its going to freeze, it's not going to come through well. If it's 100* out they might not do well either. Perhaps there is additional challenge with plants with high light requirements, but java moss is not one of those.
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I would recommend looking on

Java Moss is a common plant and you can probably find some good deals on aquabid. It ships fine and usually comes in an envelope and zip lock bagged. I just received some guppy grass.
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Just rinse the plants well, look for any snail eggs, and if possible leave them for few days on a QT tank. I forgot to do all this when I ordered hornwort from Fosters and Smith... I can't get rid of the snails I got now

I totally trust "wetgreenthing" and "plantsfactory" on eBay... gorgeous and healthy plants at an awesome price. Avoid "Grumpy-Bear-Art" on eBay, they sent some a horrid thing that look more like a bag of tea than a plant! Also, most eBay sellers have a buy 2 and the 3rd is free promo, so look for those
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Is there a way to remove snail eggs
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Use a soaking solution, about 1 gal of water and 1/2 tbsp of potassium permanganate. Soak for 15-20 min, then rinse with water before planting in the tank.
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Also can any more experinced people tell me what this is on leaves of this one plant is italgae or some kind of new growth
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HI kjlife,

If you are referring to the growths at the leaf tips those are java fern plantlets with roots; perfectly normal. In a month or so they should be large enough to remove and attach to hardscape....free plants!
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Oh man wish I would have seen this reply I trimmed them all off
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I plan on ordering plants this week for planting into a new setup on the weekend.

As the tank is not yet filled can I keep them alive by sitting them in the water my driftwood is soaking in for a day or two until I’m ready to plant?

Obviously tissue culture stuff is fine to keep as long as I don’t open.
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Sitting them in water for a couple of days will be fine.
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It all depends what plants you buy but for some time they can be in water. As tissue culture goes they can't be in side of cup for that long and you need to keep them out of direct sunlight and they should be ok for 5-7 days that is info that one plant selling site gave me when I asked.
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I joined this forum specifically so that I could ask if anyone who orders online has experienced worms in the plants? I recently ordered online for the first time and heeding the advice given by someone here on the forum, put the plants in quarantine. I am so glad I did since when I looked at the bottom of the white bucket they were in found long, red wiggly worms, They looked like the blood worms I buy frozen for feeding the fish. I assume they were hidden in the roots of the plants. For me it was really gross and to think I might have added them to my aquarium if I hadn't quarantined them. I highly recommend to always quarantine even overnight. I don't remember who made the recommendation but I can't thank them enough.
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I've heard a couple stories here and there about worms in plants but I've thankfully never experienced it myself, I'd freak out and be half tempted to toss the plants lol. And quarantine is always a key! I wasn't told about quarantining plants when I set up my first tank and the thing is still infested with ramshorns and pond snails to this day, and in the beginning I had to kill several dragon fly nymphs :hungover:
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When I buy new plants regardless of source I give them 30 mins in a solution of potasium permanganate this should kill most insects and snail eggs. I have never had a problem with worms but in the past I have had an explosion of snails after adding new plants from my local fish shop.
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I only get tissue cultures now that I have tons of pond snails in my tank. They are healthier than most other plants I have gotten too.
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In the future, I will be extremely cautious about adding anything to my tank. I think the old adage"an ounce of prevention" applies in this case. I may have to look into potassium permanganate to treat with since I really don't like the idea of bleach or salt on the plants.
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I dipped my last order in hydrogen peroxide and one worm came off a plant. It looked like a regular earthworm to me, but I'm not an expert on worms.
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I give them 30 mins in a solution of potasium permanganate this should kill most insects and snail eggs.

Interesting, I just started using PP. Have been participating in a thread:
Using Potassium Permanganate
We understand the benefits of using "PP" but not sure the effect on the health of the plants after use. Take a look, would appreciate your comments.
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I have used pp without harm to the plant. I always rinse them well after taking them out as I don't want to accidentaly add it to my aquarium.
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Fish eat worms right? Snails are benificial. I’ve never qt plants personally but there are some good videos online of plant dips that kill hitchhikers. Just throwing my two cents in.

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