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I'm starting to look at places online to order fish from once my tank is done cycling and ready for residents.

Anyone order from the following and opinion on stock you recv'd ... would you buy from them again ???

Rainforest Farms International

Live Aquaria

All input is appreciated. If you have a favorite place to buy fish from I would love the link to see what they offer. Still in the beginning planning stages so my "want" and "realistic" lists aren't settled yet...lol

I am rural and my choices involve either ordering online or driving several hours to the nearest aquarium shop....


I've purchased fish online but through sites like this one. Aquabid is another viable alternative. IMO liveaquarias prices are a bit steep and afaik they only do overnight shipping on fish.(Expensive and often unnecessary)
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I did view on Aquabid some fish but was hesitant to sign up to be able to bid at a later date.

I have been cruising the For Sale section here. I found someone who had plants but I didn't have enough posts to buy from...lol. Plants are on my list of things to order in the next few days. My filter and light should arrive very soon..hoping for today ;D

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I have gotten fish from Live Aquaria.No problems with the fish I got,but thought they were very overpriced.

I have also ordered from Aquabid. Never had a problem there.Just check the sellers feedback. If it seems unsatisfactory to you,don't buy from them.

Have you tired to see if a LFS will order fish in for you? Most receive shipments weekly,and are more than happy to order something for you as long as their supplier has it.

What are you looking for?


I have looked at That Fish Place as one of the places I'd order from. There is a good seller on AquaBid, The Wet Spot, that I would also buy from. They are an LFS in Portland, OR with a *huge* selection.



The only problem I have with online ordering is that I prefer to see, and pickout the fish I want.
In some cases that can't be done, as locally they aren't available. When I have ordered online, I have also been pleased with what I got....except when trying to cut corners.

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