Ordering Fish Online Helo Help

  1. Josh Summers Member Member

    So I have 1 petco on my area and their selection is very slim. And won't do special order for me. I'm looking for some decent website for American cichlids mainly. And some African. But id like to find a website that can sex them and also has larger size not just babies. Like right now. I'm looking for a 5or 6inch male jack Dempsey but it's hard to find a website that has good size fish a good selection and can sex them . Any help or website that anyone know and trust. I don't have a airport close to they will have to be shipped somewhat close to me. I live in Pennsylvania
  2. Tiny_Tanganyikans Well Known Member Member

    Davesfish.com cichlidlovers.com outofafricanj.com thatfishplace.com cichlid-express.com aquaticarts.com

  3. JLeeM Well Known Member Member

    Your PetCo won't order for you? I thought they all did.

  4. fissh Well Known Member Member

    Try CL somebody might be selling or rehoming larger fish/

  5. Sagar Joshi Member Member

    Have you had experience with any of them?