Ordered my plants today :o)

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I have placed an order for my plants today. I'm buying from AquariumGarden.com. I hope the plants will arrive well and without snails (although I'll be rinsing them all day if I have to). They will send the plants on Saturday (Feb 3) and they are supposed to arrive to me on Sunday (Feb 4) as this is an Express overnight delivery - let us hope it really will be an express delivery. If it won't be ... I'll have wasted a lot of money :-\ So, I will hopefully have my tank planted next Sunday (Feb 4)

Anyway, here is the plant list:

10 Vallisnerias Spiralis
10 Sagittarias Platyphyllas
10 Sagittarias Subulatas
1 Aponogeton Crispus
1 Aponogeton Boivinianus
1 Red Rubin Sword
3 Cryptocorynes Balansaes
3 Cryptocorynes Wendtiis Red
3 Hornworts (probably not enough)
3 Hygrophilas Corymbosas (probably not enough either)
1 Anubias BarterI var. Nana
1 Anubias BarterI var. Coffeefolia
3 Java ferns
JAVA MOSS - they didn't have 
1 Water Wisteria
1 Water Sprite

What do you think? The lighting is 1.73 wpg, and the substrate is Eco-Complete (plus liquid fertilizer as needed - Seachem's Flourish).

I don't know if this is enough for a 75 gallon tank, but I'd rather order less than more (because if I order too many, I'll have nowhere to put them). Another reason I didn't order more plants is because I don't know how they'll all look and how fast they will grow. If they'll be growing very slowly, I may order more later on. If they grow fast, I'll take cuttings from them.

Unfortunately they didn't have some of the plants I really wanted: Hygrophila Corymbosa var. Siamensis 53B, Echinodorus Tennelus, Echinodorus Quadricostatus var. Xinguensis, Cryptocoryne Beckettii, Java Moss, and Dwarf Vallisneria (V. Americana).

I'll be able to buy Java Moss at Aquarium Adventure as they have a lot of it, so that's OK. But as for the other plants, I may have to order from another website later on.

They will send the plants on Saturday (Feb 3) and they are supposed to arrive to me on Sunday (Feb 4) as this is an Express overnight delivery - let us hope it really will be an express delivery.

It's March 3 and March 4 (next weekend), not Feb 3 & 4, lol. Sorry
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Congrats. Must have cost a fortune. By the way it says that they will be shipping on Feb 3 and it is Feb 25, do you have the plants or is it just a typo? Want to see pics when finished.
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Oops! Thanks for pointing that out Tom They will ship on March 3 (Saturday) and I'll receive them on March 4 (Sunday) - which is next weekend from now.

The plants cost around $100 + Express shipping. I won't know the price of the Express shipping until they have arrived I think. But I asked AquariumGarden.com how much - more or less - the order of my size costs when shipped via Express mail, and they said about $40 - 50. I know that's a lot of money for shipping (and it could have been a lot of plants for the price of shipping alone), but this is a live order and I don't want to take any chances with it. What if I ordered it via regular mail and all the plants died on their way? It's better to invest additional $40 - 50 than to lose $100 in my opinion.

I will certainly post pictures when the tank is planted. Although it won't look good in the beginning. All the plants will arrive young and still small. So they'll need some time to grow and spread around the tank. Also, it's a low-light tank, so it will take much longer to grow it out than it would have taken for a tank with CO2.
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Congratulations, finally have a date to look forward too.
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The plants have been shipped already today, and they'll be at my house tomorrow by 3 pm ;D Shipping was $32 - which is not bad because I thought it was going to be $40 - 50. I'm getting my tank ready today. Can't wait until tomorrow! ;D
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Got the plants today (March 4) as planned, at around 10 am . I am very satisfied with USPS service - the plants were sent to me yesterday around noon and they arrived to me today around 10 am. The plants arrived in a very good contion and I'm happy with them. Yes, I found some tiny snails, but I guess this is inevitable with planted tanks. I've removed whatever I could. Been rinsing and cleaning plants all day (my back really hurts right now). I am rather sure that I will have some snails as I couldn't possibly find them all, and picking through fine-leaved plants is extremely difficult. Anyway ... if I get snails, maybe I'll like them, lol If their population grows too large though, I'll have to get some snail-eating fish (though I really wouldn't want to kill them!).

Overall, I am very satisfied with AquariumGarden.com's service. They're very responsive if you e-mail them with any questions. They answer very fast.

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