Orange Von Rio Tetra: A new fish??

Discussion in 'Tetras' started by Dad of Dana, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. Dad of DanaNew MemberMember

    We just set up a new tiny tank with my daughter's choice at Pet's Mart which is two "Orange Von Rio Tetras" I did a Google search of the entire Internet and got just two hits and they both came from this message board! Anybody know anything about them or where I should look? Are Tetras "bred" into different species like dogs and cats and roses? They look about identical except for a difference in their tail color. Does that mean we have a male and a female? Thanks in advance! :)
    BTW, here's a pic of them:
    (Probably blinded them with the flash!) :'(
  2. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    I saw those today at Petsmart, very pretty. I believe their scientific name is Hyphessobrycon flammeus. Try that and see if you have better luck finding info. i believe their called flame tetra also. If when you buy fish you can remember the scientific name on the tag its easier to look for info because most fish have so many common names it can be confusing. Hope that helps
  3. onelovieValued MemberMember

    I have one of these little guys in my tank right now. Actually, I also bought them at PetSmart and if I remember correctly, they were sold as Gold Von Rio Tetra, but I'm sure they are the same thing. I saw some of them swimming in a tank and noticed that several of them were missing their eyes. I asked what had happened and apparently when they got the fish in, they were placed in a tank with more aggressive fish who ate their eyes. ??? Anyway, I couldn't just not bring some of them home! I think I ended up getting 3 without eyes and one with eyes. The eyeless ones survived for quite a while. All that survives now is the one with eyes. He's been a hearty little fish who gets along very well with the other tetras in my tank. Good luck with yours!
  4. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    I was so tempted but don't have a place to put them :(
  5. KentonNew MemberMember

    Von Rio Flame Tetra


    I just bought seven of the Von Rio Flame Tetra's and so far so good. I put them in my 125 gallon tank where they are housed with 7 Cardinal Tetra, 2 Neon Blue Dwarf Gourami's, 1 Black molly, 3 Cory cat's, and others to be added later. They seem to get along well with the others, But I don't know much about them either.

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  6. DinoFishlore VIPMember

    Kenton, welcome to Fishlore!

    Different collection locations of the same species of fish usually have slightly different coloration.

    I believe this is the case here.