Orange Saddleback puffer Important

  1. matsungit Well Known Member Member

    I visited my LFS this afternoon and found some interesting new species in the freshwater puffer section. I asked the owner what they were and he couldn't give me a definite answer. Upon my research this evening it turns out they were Takifugu Ocellatus or Orange Saddleback puffers. They only travel to freshwater to breed and spawn only to return to the sea after they lay their eggs. After the fry hatch they start travelling back to the sea and will only survive freshwater for a few weeks.

    Here's the info I gathered:
    Max size 6"
    Needs to be slow acclimated to proper salinity for 7-10hrs.

    I will return to the LFS tomorrow at my lunch break to inform the owner so they don't lose the precious fishes.
  2. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    I've never even heard of that species before. I've seen saddle puffers lots of times, but they're white with brown stripes and orange dots. Same guy?

    Kudos on going back to the LFS to correct that huge mistake.

  3. matsungit Well Known Member Member

  4. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Oh wow. He's awesome. I've never seen that sort of puffer before, but I like it.

  5. matsungit Well Known Member Member

    This is how they should be kept. Hiding under the sand is normal behavior so fine sand is needed.

  6. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    He's like a ninja.
  7. matsungit Well Known Member Member

    LOL yeah.

    I just got back from the LFS and gave the owner's wife a post-it note with all the necessary information. She told me, "But they came in freshwater?". I told her that they are born in freshwater. They are being harvested during their quest on their way back to the sea. We didn't chat long since they are currently having a crisis with the credit card machine. It's no wonder they are now reluctant to acquire puffers. They are probably too stressed and dying and the customers are unsatisfied. I just hope they listen to good advice for the sake of their business and the poor fishes. They've been in business for more than 15 years and I kinda assumed they knew things like that.

  8. 1971roadrunner Well Known Member Member

    Great job mats, I really like that puffer and I'm going to research them when I get back tonight. Craaazy little fish they are, 'gotta love 'em :)!