Optix Acrylic Sheets

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  1. Tiny_TanganyikansWell Known MemberMember

    Has anyone used this brand of acrylic? I usually purchase acrylite brand, but I received two 5'x8' sheets of this optix brand from someone's leftover job site. It feels much more rigid and easy to break than acrylite and it also has a peculiar smell. It still has the protective paper on it. I planned on making a sump and an aquarium out of it, but the way it feels makes me nervous to cut it and the odd chemical smell makes me nervous for using with livestock.

    Both sheets were untouched and still in their shipping cardboard. The person who was using them said they were never touched since being unloaded and came in contact with no chemicals. The smell almost reminds me of toluene
  2. 1BGM1New MemberMember

    I'm not sure about the smell but I did purchase a sheet a couple weeks ago to make a lid for my tank, girlfriend managed to knock my original off a table and of course it was discontinued :( regardless it seems to be holding up well enough, my sheet was just under an 1/8" thick and is starting to warp from the heat of the lights or water. But I'm just going to flip it around once a month to help keep the shape.

    I did notice while using a jigsaw to cut the sheet it did crack internally in a few spots but doesn't seem to be an issue, just need to go really slow when cutting and use a fine toothed saw.

    As for rigidity, the sheet I had could bend almost in half before it snapped, tried it out with some scrap left over, not sure how thick yours is but it does make a difference.

    Any other questions feel free to ask :)
  3. Tiny_TanganyikansWell Known MemberMember

    Theyre both 1/2" thick. I usually use 5/8 but I've used 1/2" in the past. It just feels very different.

    As a lid has it stayed very clear? Or has it gotten cloudy? I was googling it and it seems to be identical just cheaper. . I don't know it just doesnt feel as solid like the acrylite brand. I also couldn't find anything as to the smell, I'm wondering if its just the smell of the adhesive on the protective paper from being in the shipping box for an extended period of time. I always remove the acrylite immediately and maybe that's why I never noticed it.
  4. 1BGM1New MemberMember

    The lid is as clear as it can be covered in moisture, based on what I've read of the one I got, it is meant to stay clearer longer than any other brand, but that could just be a marketing ploy, as I said I've had it on for a couple weeks and it's perfect except for the warping

    I've never used the acrylite product but I'm definitely happy with what I have, my best advice would be to build the size you want and test it outside, fill it with water and see if it bows, you can add some power heads if you have them and try to increase the pressure in the tank

    If you don't feel comfortable using it then don't, you did say you got it for free, you can sell them and wait for some better stuff