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  1. JaysonNew MemberMember

    I need some help finding info about the optimal aquarium environment (pH, temperature, general hardness) for rasboras, glass catfish, chinese plecko, hatchet, farlowella and the black and red phantom, which I imagine would be the same.

    thanks for your assitance

  2. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Does your chinese pleco look like any of these?

    If so it needs a cool water tank(65-70 degrees) unsuited to any of your other fish. I have 7 Beaufortia kweichowensis in an unheated tank with White cloud Mountain Minnows. Hillstream Loaches are frequently called Chinese Plecos, butterfly Plecos and various other names. They aren't Plecos at all and do not eat algae but eat the tiny little microscopic critters that grow in the algae. I have enticed mine into eating shrimp pellets, phytoplankton pellets and algae wafers.

    As for the other fish you listed ;D
    Rasbora- 65-78 degrees temp
    Glass Catfish- 70-79 degrees
    Hatchet- 75-85 degrees
    Farlowella - 70-79 degrees
    Red and Black Phantom Tetras - 70-79 degrees
    Most fish will acclimate to just about any pH if time is taken to acclimate them slowly.
    Your welcome ;) and welcome to FishLore!!!
  3. JaysonNew MemberMember

    I'm not sure about my chinese pleco, it looks similar, the fin structure resembles the fish found on your suggested site. He has been in my tank (average temperature about 81 F) for two months and is possibly the most active; constantly moving and eating. Your information stuns me, since I purchased him from a supposed expert.

    What is the maximum size of the chinese pleco?

    Thank you for this info and your post, very helpful.

    Jason S.
  4. ButterflyModeratorModerator Member

    Check this out :D Mine play all over the glass and the gravel, and search for food all the time. If you put chinese pleco in the search engine you can get more information but the site I gave you is the best by far. For more pictures check here

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