Opinions On What I Should Buy?

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I'm currently cycling a 6.5g(for a betta), but I was not able to buy a few essentials at the time of buying. now I have a little bit of amazon credit from those GPT survey websites and I'm wondering what to buy. my budget is $30 exactly.

option 1
apI test kit(on sale for about $20)
something else like a plant or two

option 2(combination of, not everything listed)
sponge filter(since I want to replace the internal included with my tank and I already have everything except the sponge)
silk plants(my tank is so bare rn)
one of those in tank ammonia alert things(REALLY debating on this. I know they can be inaccurate but its better than nothing I guess? taking this off means other important equipment)

option 1 is nice because the test kit is on a really good deal($13 off), I get to know if my tank is safe, and I get something to stuff my tank with, but option 2 is more appealing because I get more for the money and stuff that I can not get a betta without(aka heater).

ive never had a test kit and ive never had a problem, but ive always said just because it never happened doesn't mean it wont(esp with pet care). I could get my water tested at a local pet store but that might be inaccurate depending on what they use. /edit/ forgot to mention its almost holiday time so it would not be long before I could get a kit if I went with option 2)

I have until oct(the earliest I could get a betta) to decide so I'm in no rush at all! I have plenty of time to think about it. ahh I hope this doesn't come off weird or is easy to understand! I'm really tired and about to go to bed! note my best interest is the fish, I just want to know people more experienced and knowledgeable about the hobby opinions are!
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Test kit and a heater should be on the top of your list imo.
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my opinion too! I forgot to mention that the kit and heater option puts me $4 over if you include the tax. very limited budgets suck :/

ill prob remember a lot of stuff I forgot by the time I wake up lol(prob should have waited to post tbh)
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agreed with THE HABITAT
Do you have an internal filter now?
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Can I recommend Tetra strips? Cut them in half to double your strips. They are also cheaper than tests, and you would only really need them when cycling and when something is up. The second option, minus the alert and plus the tetra strips, is better IMO
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I've been using the seachem alert in parallel with my apI kit and it was completely and utterly useless.
In my opinion, you don't need python for such a small tank. It is easy to carry 2-3g that you will want to change in a bucket. I just discovered the convenience of python for larger and multple tanks, but I still prefer to change water in my small tank by hand, because I do not really like to add conditioner to the tank. I think your priorities are:
Water conditioner
Tetra test strips or apI kit, if can afford
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haha wow my post is everywhere. I really shouldnt make long posts like this when I'm tired .-.
mentioning again that it would only be about a month before I could get the rest of the stuff I want/need so some stuff can wait.

yes I do! its running in the tank now, but its current is a bit strong and splashes a lot. I was just going to buy a sponge to baffle but a sponge filter costs just about the same so that's why I was going to get one(+I wanted to get a different filter anyways come holidays so I might as well save the money). also was wanting to go ahead and set it up so it can start getting bb. if someone thinks just buying a sponge would be better tell me!

god.... I'm so dumb. why didnt I think of strips?? theyre only a little more. even though theyre not as accurate as a kit its much better than the alert. the problem is that the apI ones don't seem to test for ammonia? only other stuff. there's also the separate boxes that come with the liquid tests. what would be best to buy?

that's what ive heard, but ive also heard some good things? it was def very low on the list of stuff.
I mostly only wanted the python for cleaning the gravel. I used to have to use a fishnet and I could never get it quite clean(though that was a 10g). the one I picked out was smaller, but now that I think of it I could just get a turkey baster for a buck since I have a little bit of change. that would work better for the tank(I added the python while really tired tbh). my current method is using a plastic cup with a gallon fishbowl and it takes no time.
I also already have conditioner! it would be number 1 on the list if I did not have any. the only essentials I do not have is testing equipment, a heater, and food(the food can be bought in store too when I get the betta). the filter/plants are only a secondary thing since I already have some plants(just would like more/some silk ones) and a filter that's working just fine other than being strong.
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The bulb type syphons work good. They are cheap as well. A heater is a must. DIY baffles can cost almost nothing I have seen people use a piece of soda bottle.
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The bulb type syphons work good. They are cheap as well. A heater is a must. DIY baffles can cost almost nothing I have seen people use a piece of soda bottle.
I never could figure out how bulb on my siphon is supposed to work I just use it as a tube type, suck the water...good reaction is the key
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haha ive heard stories about people drinking tank water and I know id be that person. I was thinking of using a nice plastic cup as a baffle too(the ones we have are nice and thick. if I cut it right I could completely cover the filter, only leaving spots for the hanging bit and the suction cup). I could prob hold off on the sponge filter.

to clarify I don't mean buy the test kit + fish OR buy the heater +fish. I mean buy the test kit and wait, or buy the heater and a lesser kit and be able to get a betta faster(not in an impatient way? I don't know how to word that better). my room can get to be 50f at night in winter so id never have a betta w/o a heater.
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Buy heater and lesser kit
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This is about the alert thing. From what I read on several reviews.. People complained that it is inaccurate because it differed from their test kits. But some tests measure both toxic and non toxic ammonia while the alert only measures toxic ammonia. I think that's where some of the "inaccuracy " is coming from. It's inexpensive and a good backup imo.

That price is a really good deal on the kit though. Honestly I say u need all things mentioned. You did say you have some time... I dunno. I'm a penny pincher myself. If u get the good test on sale, with a little time u might find the heater or other things on sale later. But I wouldnt penny pinch so tight that you get a fish without the essentials.

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