Opinions On This Tank

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by HamSnacks, May 10, 2019.

  1. HamSnacks Valued Member Member

    Picked up a brand new 44 Gallon Long Tank
    48" Wide, 1/2" Thick Goass.

    Was planning on making it a planted tank and putting it in the kids room.

    2 Issues:

    1) It is exactly 2" longer than the dresser, or 1" on each side. Will that be a problem? Someone recommended putting a piece of plywood and foam the size of the tank underneath and that should be good enough?

    2) Can a standard dresser as shown in the picture handle 44 Gallons with sand and all?



    Thank you!
  2. 86 ssinit Well Known Member Member

    My problem with a dresser is there are only 2 sides holding weight. The back is 1/4” wood that isn’t a weight carrier. The front with the draws also isn’t carrying weight. No top to bottom support. Figure the tank filled will weight about 400lbs. I like to use buffet tables or the bottom of hutches. Most of them will have some sort of center support. Also you can remove the 1/4” wood in the back and replace it with a 1/2-5/8” x6” center support. I’ve got a 90gal on a buffet table. Table cost $75.
  3. Redshark1 Fishlore VIP Member

    Bowing in the middle may be the main issue as it stands.

    The plywood sheet, if thick enough, may help with this.

    I assume the legs are strong enough.

    My 110 gallon tank is not supported by the front (cupboards) and back (hardboard) and has been on the stand designed for it for 30 years.