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chromedome52 said:
When they were first released to the hobby, they bred the only color they had: red, not green. That's what I had, a very short time after they released them. They were red because it is a much more visible color.
The first Danios used in the labs used jellyfish genes and they were green. The red coloration comes from coral genes, not jellyfish and the red variety was produced after the green ones. Now the first ones sold as pets, I don't know. Maybe they were red since red is a more popular color than green but the original laboratory fish were green.

By the time I became aware of them and first saw them, all of the colors were available. That was only a few years ago and I disliked them from the get go. The original ones were produced in 1999.

Interestingly, the rights to the GloFish brand are owned by the Spectrum Corporation which also owns the Tetra line of aquarium products. They also own Remington, Black & Decker, and a lot of other brands of various types of products.


I have glo-danios they are great fish. Looking forward to trying to breed some long finned and leopard versions of them for myself. Interested in seeing the glo-bettas in person. Makes me wonder what other fishes they will try to make into glofish. The glo tanks disgust me as they are way too small for the fish, except the 20 gallon, and the lighting seems like it would only stress them because they look fine under regular lighting.

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