opinions on circulation pump and cooling fan

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    I think you may have saw it already but here is a link to the DIY fans that I made....


    I bought my fans from newegg.com for super cheap, I think it was $4 for 2 fans. Most of the computer fans there are made to be quiet, and a lot even have the decibel level so you could shop around and get some that are super quiet. Mine are real quiet and I can barely hear them over the water flow noise if I try to listen for them.

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    lol, did you notice they have multiple red tail catfish in the tank photo for that? It's nice cause it's small. I would probably just remove the "filter" part, or at least take out that ridiculous yellow sponge. Seems strong for a little guy. The only thing I dislike about circulation pumps are the extra power cord that has to go into your aquarium. I was thinking of maybe covering it with that fake green plant cover they make for airline tubing. You'd have to cut it but it'd be better than another black cord IMO. Guess I could use the vals to hide it. Do you use these?

    Is there a difference between a powerhead and a circulation pump? I just want something super small that will add some current and water circulation on the opposite side of my filter.

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    Yes, I own two of the jebo poweheads and loved them when i had them in operation. The yellow sponge turns into a green and brown sponge a few weeks after collecting gunk and slows down the flow to where its not too strong and blends with planted tank decor.

    You are pretty much looking at the same thing without a pre filter.
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    do you think the pre-filter makes a significant difference on something so small in a 20G?

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    I like using the prefilters since it adds to the tanks mechanical/bio filtration capability. The filter also disperses the suction vacuum at the intake point of the powerhead so no small fish can get sucked in or stuck. As far as the pre filter making a significant difference, it depends what you are looking for the power head to do, if you want maximum current, a prefilter would eventually require extra maintenance to keep it clean and allow for maximum water passage. If you are looking to provide some current, a pre filter would work well, in the end, you can buy a powerhead with a filter and if you dont like the filter, it can be removed.