Opinions on Betta Pairing (HM x CT)?

  1. allthestatic

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    I'm trying to decide if I should breed this pair or get a different female, male is HM & female is CT... has anyone bred this pairing before, what do the offspring turn out like? I have a female HM I can buy also but her conformation (at least in the pictures) doesn't look quite ideal for breeding (but I am just super picky).
    Male (sorry, these are the best pictures I have of him - he was only in here while I was cleaning his tank):
    IMAG1085.jpg IMAG1088.jpg
    and the female:
    Any opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. happygolucky

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    It will probably give you a combtail, which is exactly what it sounds like, short little spikes at the end of the fins. Offspring will be blue like the parents, but you may have some oddballs who get recessive genes from the parents of these fish.

    IMO, that's a pretty "boring" combination, nobody would buy your fry, and you would have nowhere to put them. Try to get a different color in there, maybe with a dragon scale female? The male has nice fins though, offspring would look good in that criteria.
  3. Flowingfins

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    I never recommend crossing tail types, especially when CT are involved. You will result in "half sun's" or betta's with slight web reduction. This is an extremely undesirable trait and is frowned upon and can cause difficulty rehoming the fry. I would find a female HM with a short anal fin, as your boys is a bit too long.
    Are you ready to breed though? Take a look at these links-
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