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  1. kevymd

    kevymd Well Known Member Member

    Who should I selectively breed? I have an older male with a mini top sword formation on his fin. I want to breed up that sword tail look for my endlers. But there is another trait I like also, a young male with a beautiful lavender dorsal fin, and a slight lavender splash on his body. I would also like to see that accentuated, and the younger male also has much cleaner markings. I'll try to post pictures in a little while.

    Who should I breed? I want to pick one strain and run with it, as soon as this latest batch of fry comes of age and I get a virgin female. my gut says go with the younger male, there is more breeding left in him, so to speak. But goodness, I do love that sword look...


  2. Anders247

    Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    You could breed the younger male after you breed the older one, as the older one doesn't have as much left in him.