Oops I did it again! (Rescue Betta #2)

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HI all,

Some of you might remember I rescued a very sick betta from PetCo last year, Siggie. We tried really hard and all of you fishlore folks were so helpful and kind. Siggie lived only four days after I brought him home -just too far gone - but he spent his last days in clean, warm water snuggled up to the heater.

I tried to stop going to PetCo but my LFS is far away and sometimes I need the occasional supply for my healthy betta, Simon, who is just a spoiled little robust pink halfmoon who has his own heated, filtered 10 gallon planted tank.

But...two days ago I needed something and went in to PetCo. Ugh, big mistake.There was their display of sad bettas in little cups. Most of them actually looked okay but of course there are always at least a few who were struggling. And they look at you with their little baby harp seal eyes, pleading. There was a rose gold boy who was so thin and straggly, no one was going to choose him. I have extra hospital tanks with heaters and little sponge filters on hand at home, so...I couldn’t help it. Theodore Swimmington, aka Teddie, came home.

I’ll try to post photos but he is very thin with spindly, scraggly fins. I set him up in a 2-gallon tank with heater and filter, borrowed some gravel and a decoration or two from Simon’s tank to seed the bacteria, and slooowwwly acclimated him to the tank.

It’s been almost two days and he seems to be doing well. I also added some aquarium salt and an almond/cataba leaf for extra fin and gill

Anything else y’all can think of? The good news is he is curious and eating (HotarI gold minI betta pellets). Siggie, my other rescue, wouldn’t even eat.

Please cross your fingers for Teddie. If he survives and returns to robust good health I will find him a loving forever home. Anyone in Northern California in the market for a healthy, spoiled rose gold boy? Fingers crossed he does become that.

Oh, and btw I received a “how was your visit to PetCo?” email. So I told them allllll about it.

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He’s a handsome boy hope he does well for you
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Fingers crossed for Teddie.
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UPDATE: Hiyall, I figured I’d post a weekly update on Teddie (his name may be changing to Casper). In a week he has filled out a bit and doesn’t look much different otherwise but he has a different energy about him. When he first came home he was almost transparent (hence the name Casper) and he WAS like a ghost. And he seemed ill and listless, I wasn’t sure if he would live. He’s a bit more solid now, not so translucent. And he is getting a bit of his gold shimmer back. He is definitely perking up and is curious and swims over to say hello. He’s eating well too. I’m continuing with the same treatment since it seems to be helping him: clean-clean water, exactly 78 degrees, a smidge of aquarium salt and a floating almond leaf. Posting a photo for comparison.

Thanks for the well wishes for Casper (Teddie)!

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Hello everyone!

Weekly update on Ted, otherwise known as Theodore Swimmington!! We’ve settled on “Ted” or “Teddie” instead of Casper because thank goodness he is not a ghost anymore! Ted continues to do well, lots of new fin growth and his color is improving every day - some hints of the pinkish rose gold boy he is supposed to be. He’s feeling his oats too...I had a metallic pot of water next to his tank and he must have seen his reflection because I saw his first flare! He is still in the 2-gallon hospital tank for healing purposes. I was supposed to rehome him once he returns to full health, but have you started to glean that I may not be able to let go of him? Who else will check his water daily for the slightest hint of ammonia and change out 20% of his water? Who else will replace the almond leaf every few days when it starts to sink? Who will obsess over the exact amount of aquarium salt to add for fin healing?

An example of how I have gone over the edge (can anyone relate?): My hubby and I are going out of town for three and a half days to visit our daughter in Oregon. My poor 17-year-old son has been tasked with monitoring Ted and his tank. I wrote up a full page of instructions for how to take care of Ted while we’re gone, including checking his water daily for ammonia spikes and replacing 20% of his water if there is any “green” with water I already pre-prepared with the proper ratio of treated tap water (what Ted had at PetCo) and ROI water, with the correct amount of healing aquarium salt. Son also must cover Ted’s tank at about 9pm with a dark cloth so he can have some darkness to rest and heal. He also needs to visit Ted from time to time to say hello.

I’d say please save me from myself except I know my fellow OCD betta lovers are here at fishlore! Is it bad that my biggest anxiety with leaving for several days is whether or not my son will be able to fully grasp Ted’s needs?

Please share your OCD betta care stories so I can feel “betta!” lol. For now here are a couple of pics of Ted. I’m going to try to post a photo of him when he first came home bs how he is now two weeks later.


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Weekly update, Week 3: Ted continues to heal and thrive! I had a hard time taking his weekly photo because he was happily swimming around so much, he didn’t want to be still! But here he is Week 3 compared to Week 1 (Week 1 is the first photo, next two pics are Week 3, how he is now). Once we hit the one-month mark I’m going to do a new post to show the difference, and invite folks to share their betta rescue stories! See you next week!


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