Oops Had Baby Fish


Have had 2 Black Mollies for almost 6 months and one of them had babies while I was away for work, never had any baby fish before so some tips would be great (I know its the black mollies babies because the babies are pure black) and there's 2 of them if the number of them mean anything


Get a breeder box for the fry, then you can feed them crushed adult fish food or bbs or hikarI first bites. Here are my dudes, they are swordtails. They are kinda blurry.


Prepare to have lots more. Started with 8 platies and two mollies 5-6 months ago, over time 3 platies died and the remaining female has given birth once a month and the Molly have birth 2-3 times before suddenly dying of mysterious cause. So I have 15-20+ babies of various ages right now (I've no exact number, too hard to count them! Over time many disappeared or had accidents, leaving me with however many I've now).
After the first batch, the adults realized they're not worth trying to eat as fry are so quick, and they stopped even trying, so I leave them in the main tank. You might have a different experience. I do have the latest batch in a hang-on-back breeder box, however, because I've been redoing the tank and it's too hard to do that while worrying about the wee ones!
I feed mine Sera O-nip tabs, since that's already one of the foods I feed to the adults. I just take a tiny bit off and it easily breaks into powder the fry can eat. They don't always realize they should or could go to the surface for food, so I spread it underwater too and let it settle. The fry will be poking around eating invisible stuff off decor and plants anyway.


You can make a breeder box too. A container with holes drilled in all sides small enough to keep fry in but allow water flow... clip it to top of the tank for the fry and put them in it.


Livebearers are incredible!

The females can store 2 'sets' of sperm, and can birth once a month

I keep patties, currently 4 variatus fry (all we could find) and approx 28 golden mickey mouse platties fry I have 4 adults, 1 male, 3 female (I found out about sexing after) but even if you purchase only females, chances are they're preggo

I feed first bites until they are a little larger, then just smushed up flake

Good luck!

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