Only eating frozen?!


I got a Wyoming White Clownfish, a regular Black Ocellaris, a Scooter Goby, and Purple Firefish from my LPS a few days ago. The LPS fed them frozen food twice a day. I want my fish to have a variety of food by feeding them all types of food, but they won’t eat pellets or flakes. What should I do? I already spent money on flakes and pellets.


Give them some time, it’s a new food for them so they’re not used to it. By the end of the week they should start eating it. You can feed it alongside frozen to help them acclimate to it, just don’t give a lot and remove uneaten food. Don’t worry about them too much, fish can go a remarkably long time without food. As long as they’ve got an appetite you shouldn’t be worried about their eating habits


I find it odd that none of the fish eat pellets. New fish don't like to eat so much, but maybe no longer new at this point. Not so sure if fish will change eating habits. I did have one fish that only ate frozen. Now every other day I have to feed frozen. Actually, not so bad frozen can last longer than one expects. I like the frozen foods similar to reef frenzy, can break one small frozen piece off instead the competition with those oversized frozen cubes.
After around 1 year that one fish did finally start eating pellets, I think he learned by watching the other fish.
More advanced, but you can try training the fish. Beyond my experience somewhat would need to do self research. For example, if fish fight I use acclimation box force them to be near each other and change behavior. With this could maybe place food directly next to him in the box see if will eat... in the end i just say feed frozen...


You can almost always get picky fish to switch to new foods. Just don't feed for a couple/few days (won't harm them at all) then try to see if they'll eat the food by sprinkling a bit in. If they're hungry, they'll probably begin to realize it's food and eat it.

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