Online Shopping Question

  1. Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    I never bought anything online for my aquatic hobby (but I may be forced to buy some plants online since they don't offer any that I seek in my local pet stores). Since I know it's possible to buy even fish and plants online, I was wondering how they ship and handle such purchases to customers? Especially plants and fish. These are live products, lol, so how can you just "ship" and "handle" them? Do they drive straight to a customer's house with fish and plants in some portable fish tanks? Is aquatic S & H expensive? If they have portable tanks, do they also have some portable filters, heaters and air pumps in them? Doesn't the temperature change rapidly during such a trip and therefore negatively affects the fish? What about the plants - how do they ship them? Just wondering ... and thanks for any replies :)
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    Fish that I have had shipped were simply placed in double bags, and insulated either in a styrofoam container, or with other material. Depending on the weather, heat or cool packs are also added to the box. There are no airstones or filters in these bags, just water. Some also ship with a product called bag buddies which is added to the water and makes it blue. It sort of knocks the fish out so they don't do a lot of swimming, and it's supposed to help neutralize the ammonia in the water. Fish are usually shipped this way overnight or next day service.

    Plants are easy. Some are shipped wrapped in wet newspapers and then alluminum foil or placed in a zip lock bag. I usually wrap mine in paper towels and then add a little extra water to the bag. Plants make if just fine this way and can be shipped priority mail.
  3. Isabella Fishlore VIP Member

    OK, thanks, I guess then S&H of fish works. But I still feel sorry for the fish! They're probably so stressed out and scared during such a trip! And they probably are more susceptible to a disease during - and after - such a trip?
  4. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    They usually take a couple of days to get back to "normal". They probably won't eat for a couple of days, but after that, they should be fine.