ongoing dwarf gourami issure


I have been posting a lot of threads here lately, with my gouramI issues, and setting up a new 75 gallon tank so bear with me. I have done a lot of research on the dwarf gouramI indovirus, but I'm confused. My gouramI just lays on the tank bottom, and does not move, except to come up for air, or to check out food. Although he does not eat, so I ordered some hikiarI pellets for him to try. What I'm trying to figure out is in between his two barbs that hang down, I think that is what they call them on the front of him. There is a black stringy looking thing hanging down, do not know how else to describe it. I took him out and looked at it, but it is attached. I tryed, but could not get a good picture of him any ideas.


The fins that hang down are called ventrals, I believe.

I haven't had luck with dwarf gouramis for a while now. Every so often I give it another try, but they end up doing what yours does and then they die. As for the black thing....we really need a picture. Sorry for the bleak prognosis.


I failed with gouramis until I got some females. I had only males or multiple males with females before and they never lived more than a couple of months no matter what I did.

I then went for one last try and got some stock from a good breeder. I got 1 M and 2 F juvies and put them in one of my tanks with slower moving fish (cories and platies) and these fish haven't missed a beat. They have been through all sorts of stuff over the past year+ and and perfectly healthy.

I am now in the process of slowing down my filter in the tank to reduce the surface agitation and see if they will breed.

Should be fun.

I had given up on gouramis until the set I have now kept living and living. I had planned for them to die just like the others but nope. Good to go.

Good luck with yours.

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Well thanks for the responses. I did a water change, checked my levels, all good. He is now laying on his side. Does the Honey GouramI get the Indovirus? Thanks again for all your help.

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