One skinny guppy, others are fat


Hi, i Have noticed that 4 new guppies I introduced a week ago have very large stomachs especially after eating (don’t think it’s bloat) whereas one of my original guppies never gains weight or ever shows a larger belly. I’m worried cause I recently lost a guppy due to wasting away. Could it be parasites? He’s been like this for like 2 months which is about when I got him and his comrad. Thanks in advance. The photos show the comparison with the white one being the skinny one and the others are fat (second pick the yellow one is above the white one). I’ve just fed them that’s why they’re like That. Other then that the fish seems quite happy, was actually the bully to the new fish ironically. I think they’re friends now though.



There's a good chance you have internal parasites, which will also cause wasting disease. I've had good luck with levamisole.


I swear I responded to this thread, I must not have hit post.

It looks like the "skinny" one is a male. Its not uncommon for males to be more streamlined and thinner. Its totally normal. Females will have bigger bellies especially when they're pregnant.
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