One Molly Shimmying?


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Hi guys,
Just took that water parameters in my 46 gallon live bearer tank.
The tank is stocked with:
5 mollies
3 platies
1 mosquito fish
6 kuhli loaches
2 algae eaters
2-3 ghost shrimp

I have java moss and three different plants in there as well.

My parameters are as follows:

Nitrites 0
Ammonia 0
Nitrates 40
Temp 84 F

The API water testing kit gave me different readings on the ph. The normal ph test registered off the color scale, so higher than 7.6 and the high ph test registered at 7.4. I’m a bit confused by that.

Every fish, including the other mollies, are doing great. Only one Molly is shimmying and rather badly, too. I know mollies enjoy brackish water, but everyone is swimming normally and their fins are up and happy. The ph usually isn’t this low. It remains around an 8. My house has well water that is free of chlorine and chemicals. It’s usually harder water.

Also, I’ve been adding paraguard this week but nothing else. Yesterday I added three gallons.

Do I adjust the tank to suit her despite all the other fish behaving normally, or do I wait a bit and see if she adjusts to it?
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