One happy little fish.. suggestions?


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So today I battled getting a betta for my 29 g tank. I’ve tried this before; and had bad luck. So I went with my gut and decided against it. This tank has 13 neon tetras, and 5 Corey cats. Its a 2 year old tank and I’ve finally added some live plants to it today, so thanks to those who commented on my previous post.
But, one final question. Instead of a betta, what is one larger fish, that is good alone, not with a school, that I can add to my tank. It’s planted, it’s heated, it’s cycled... just need one more nice fish to look at!


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I would go for a smaller species of Gourami, Blue(Trichopodus Trichopterus grow too large, can be quite aggressive and are fairly social.
Honey Gourami will be your best bet or even Thick Lipped Gourami. A trio of either would go nicely, Thick Lips can be a little aggressive at times.

Id stay clear of Dwarf Gourami(Trichogaster Lalius) they’re often more trouble than they’re worth both in temperament and health.

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