One guppy is skinny and spits out food, but seems interested in eating.


Hi, guys. I've had a couple of guppies for 3 weeks, and the male is doing fine, but the female is not eating much. From the beginning it was like that: The male would eat, the female would spit out the food, and keep searching. When first introduced in the tank, the male would be near the bottom and the female near the surface. Inactive. Stressed from the move (I bought them online). After a week, they became more active. At night, even to this day, the male goes to the bottom, and the female goes to the surface.
It's a small planted tank. 5.5gal. Amonia is zero, nitrites is zero, nitrates is like 10. I do change water 1 or 2 times a week, depending on what I feed them (I've tried different things). Today I gave them baby brine shrimp (which is a bit too small) and the male would eat, the female would mostly ignore. I thought that would do the trick, since she seems interested in chasing moving particles in the water current, so live food sounded like the right thing. She must be eating something, because she's still alive, but she's skinny and her gills look a bit flared out (maybe from being so skinny? the male looked similar before putting on some weight). Any ideas what to do?
There's a pic of all the foods I've tried. The black plate is the brine shrimp hatchery.

I got them from Aquatic Arts. They're supposed to look like this:

Here's a video of their behavior. Which seems natural and fine. She's just skinny and I worry.



It's likely your female has internal parasites, also called "wasting disease." There are several types of internal parasites, common ones are roundworms or cammalanus. There are several different medications for internal parasites. I've had the best luck with Levamisole, but you have to be careful with dosing and I don't think it's carried in most fish stores.

Female guppies should be plump whether they're pregnant or not. I'd recommend you start treatment as soon as you can.


I would say internal parasites too. I had a male guppy with camallanus that did not eat but wanted to. He did manage to eat some really tiny particles I presume because I did see him poop a few times in the week prior to me treating with nematol.
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