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chickadee said:
Nate is still raggedy but doing okay. He has been in an uncycled tank so I am now using Bio-spira to cycle the little tank for him so he is going through a bit of a less than perfect stage this week but he is holding his own and is HUNGRY as a little shark. He has graduated to getting about 3 or 4 of the Atison's Betta Pro pellets (smaller than this . for those of you who have not seen them) with his daphnia and he is feeling deprived but we are taking it slow. But overall, I think he is healthy just looks awful.
I guess the most important thing is being healthy, but they're so beautiful we really want them to look it too. I'm glad he is moving up and you'll have him back to his old self, i'm sure. really glad for him recovering, he sounded pretty bad off there. he's got his betta mommy taking care of him good.
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