One Eye Danio?

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Hey guys. Just got a group of 5 leopard danios today to finish off stocking my tank. They are awesome little guys, so playful!

I noticed one of them seems to be missing an eye though. It doesn't look red or anything, more like it was never born with one. Should I take him back to the shop to get replaced or will he still live a fairly full life?

He seems to be grouping with the others fine and doesn't look sickly at all. Will keep an eye (ugh sorry) on him tonight.

Never had a fish missing an eye before, so wanted to see if anyone had any experiences with them. Thanks!
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Maybe get him a little pirate eye patch? Kidding. If you don't think it appears to be anything 'contagious' that could affect the other fish, I'd keep him. If you take him back to the store, they'll likely 'dispose' of him. If he's otherwise fine, it just makes him more interesting!
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Haha, pirate danio Yeah they are all in QT at the moment, I am trying to get a good view of this guy but it's tough as they are fast little things. I will have another look tomorrow.

If I was to take him back to the lfs they would likely put him in their plant tanks. I took in a bunch of Molly fry as I was overwhelmed at the time and I can still see them in there to this day But yes I agree that I will try and keep him if he gets the all clear
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Just to update this, I checked him out this morning while he was still a bit sleepy. Doesn't look like it was caused by damage or an infection, just looks like he never had an eye in the first place (or was damaged when he was tiny). Seems perfectly healthy otherwise and very very active.. more active than some of the others to be honest.

He's in the main tank now with his buddies and he is enjoying exploring the plants by the looks of it
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I had a one eyed fish once, can't remember what kind it was but it didn't really affect him as much as I thought it would. acted happy and healthy
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Glad to hear 'One Eyed Jack' is still doing ok! good luck with him!
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I had a one eyed Buenos Aires tetra for a few years. Must have lost it in a fight one day shortly after I got it but it never seemed to effect it. Still ate like a pig and schooled with the others no problem.
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I currently own a one eyed albino Cory. It seems happier than the rest and super healthy. My advice is that if it doesn’t look contagious keep him for variety. I always look for that specific Cory when I look at my tank, and he is definitely my favorite bottom feeder. So if you do decide to keep him, he will be a fun addition to your tank! Good luck with him!

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