One Emperor is not growing, now losing color

Hi my first time here on this site, and I've been researching on why this little one isn't as big as the rest and I haven't had much help with my search. I purchased 7 Emperors last year in fall (around middle to end September), from what it looks like I have three males and four females. The one that is struggling looks to be a female, but she/he is nearly half the size of the rest. I got them all around the same size and I didnt notice how little this one stayed to be. She seems to lost a lot of color the past day, and is not interested in food. I am currently in the process of setting up my quarantine tank for her and two other fish who are suffering from swims bladder.

They are in a 30g long custom community tank
7 Kuhli loaches (added first)
4 Amano Shrimp (added last)
1 very docile male betta
8 Rummy Noses
7 Emperor tetras
The tank has one large manzanita driftwood that is about 32cm long
Seiryu Stones, about 15 to 20lbs worth
Sand substrate and ADA soil beneath
Temp runs 79F, water parameters looks very normal and havent changed much.
I do weekly water changes (20% - 40%) with conditioned water from the tap.
It is moderately planted; Java ferns, Amazon swords, jungle val (just added last week), Anubias nanas, crypto parvas, Java moss glued to the drift wood, two very large and blooming banana lilies.
It sounds like that one may just have bad genes, but when you say two other fish suffering from swim bladder issues it doesn't seem that your problem is only with this emperor tetra. How normal are your parameters, and did you have live additions to the tank since you had emperors?

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