One Cichlid . . . 29g tank . . . is that ok?

Hello everyone! This is a wonderful resource for Beginners!
I've admired and wanted an aquarium for so many years. Finally, it is becoming reality!
I've been doing A LOT of research -- and it can be a bit mind-boggling at first.

I have a very simple (I think?) question. Details: 29 gallon tank given to me by neighbor when she went bigger (not yet set up - waiting on Cichlid Substrate)

I want a Cichlid . . . have learned a bit about them from neighbor.

Need to know: Is it ok to have just one fish . . . one Cichlid?
As a beginner especially, I really don't want the stress, for the fish or myself, of wondering if they'll get along, or if I'm going to find injured or dead fish, etc. But . . . can one fish by himself, be happy and content?

Needless to say, my tank will be beautifully *decorated* - with caves, etc. for my Cichlid. I'm leaning toward a blue cobalt (?) - if I have that right, hopefully!! ;D

Anyway, I am open to and hoping for any input regarding a single fish.

Thank you in advance!

HI Kay! Welcome to FishLore! Glad you are enjoying the site! There are many fish that do well alone, and some actually prefer it. I'm not sure about the fish you are talking about. Is this it?

It recommends a 55 gal. tank for that fish. However, that site also has cookie cutter recommendations for different tank sizes that might interest you:
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Thank you for the welcome, and the links!! This does help, and it's greatly appreciated!!


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